Film: 5448

Industry + Work | 1980 | Sound | Colour


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film celebrating a project in Dinorwig, North Wales 1980's

Snooker being played on a television. Clips of Live Aid on television. Big Ben, from south of the Thames, London, on television. The Royal Wedding of Princess Diana and Prince Charles shown on television. London streets packed with crowds there to celebrate the wedding. Flags - the Union Flag and the Welsh Dragon. Presenter walks down steps of St. Paul's and talks to camera. General views of English housing estate. Close up of domestic television aerial on house roof. Charles and Diana being married at St. Paul's Cathedral, London. The men behind the scenes: the engineers of the CEGB working at computers, looking through computer reports, generally looking very serious in order to ensure there is enough electricity for the nation. Graph comparing the usual bank holiday electricity consumption with that of July 24th 1981 - the day of the Royal Wedding. Shot of St. Paul's, London from the south side of the River Thames. Aerial travelling shots of river and wooded areas rising to reveal the countryside of North Wales, mountains in the distance. Snowdonia, Wales, Europe. General view of train ascending Snowdonia. Above Llanberis, Wales is another mountain: Eledere. Shepherd with sheep and sheep dogs on lower slopes of Eledere. Man in workshop splitting slate with hammer and chisel. Sheep dog sitting on roof of kennel that is made of slate. Snooker being played. Rain clouds over Welsh valley (speeded up). Foot of Mount Eledere, a large hole leading to the Dinorwig pumped storage hydro-electric power station. Camera takes viewer inside. Man running from armed guards, he stops and says, 'what the hell place is this' - a scene from the BBC television series 'Hollow Mountain' which used the tunnels of the Dinorwig project. Shots of the lake near the summit of Eledere's summit and similar shots of the lake at the foot of the mountain. Aerial views of slate quarries. Black and white stills of Llanberis and Dinorwig slate miners. Disused quarries, equipment, machines. Narrator drinking tea in empty dinner hall. Mr Ellis, engineer who thought up the Dinorwig project, speaks about the project from behind a desk. The idea behind the project is to turn electricity into hydroelectricity so that it can be turned back to electricity when demand outstrips normal available amounts of electricity. Workmen leaving factory gates. Man going into Job Centre (now called Employment Agencies), another looks at job cards in window. Bulldozer. Technicians working on large pieces of machinery. Narrator walking with Mr Ellis near the construction site of Dinorwig. An old man in Llanberis, two women talking, a young woman with carrier bags walking. The interior of the mountain, enormous cavern scooped out. Enormous tunnels in mountain. Interior of ice cream van. Vendor puts ice cream in two cones and hands them to a boy. Crowds of people walking towards camera. Crowd outside entrance to the Dinorwig project. Woman taking photograph with camera. Brass band. Crowd walking into tunnel. Child in push chair in tunnel, dog on lead in tunnel, aerial views of crowds. John Hume indicating the different areas of Snowdon National Park on a large map. He removes the side of the mountain top reveal a cross-section of the power-station. Explains that during day water from higher lake will fall and drive turbines and during night this water will be pumped back up. Narrator and John Hume at higher lake where dams have been built to increase quantity of water there. Red Land Rover on mountain road. Enormous hole in mountain that acts as the safety valve. Land Rover enters access tunnel, passes vans going in the opposite direction. Ten miles of tunnels. The power station under construction. Men working on construction. The lower lake. Aerial views of surrounding countryside, lakeside railway, road. Sub station where electricity is released into National Grid. Derelict isolated Welsh cottage. Old man standing underneath a picture of a pig. He looks disapprovingly at couple who pass him on streets. Dumper truck. More shots of tunnels. Policeman talking to woman in street with Midland Bank logo on window in background, man with moustache, sheep looking out of slit in lorry's side panel, farmer making odd expression with his lips. White cottage in lush grounds. 'Snowdonia National Park' sign (also in Welsh, 'Parc Cenedlaethol Eryri'). Old man in rowing boat on lake. Sheep with lambs in field. Rock climber on rock face. Family with beagle leaving boating lake. Man fly fishing on lake.
Station sign of Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch, Wales, with steam train passing by. Alistair Rogers in laboratory tells of the environmental issues involved in the project. Man fly fishing. Low shot of lake with mountains in distance. Travelling shot of river with mountains in background. Diversion tunnel on river that feeds lower lake. Alistair Rogers concerned that salmon would not navigate this tunnel. Two men in river with nets attempting to ascertain salmon's ability to navigate this tunnel. Close up of a young salmon in a man's hand. Man in green house putting soil into pots. Plants that have been grown from these pots, focus on heather. People planting heather on the mountain side. General view of Llanberis. Black sky over green countryside, stone walls. Members of Parliament for the area (Wyn Roberts - Conservative and Dafydd Wigley - Welsh Nationalist) express their opinions. People walking along banks of lower lake. Aerial views of lakes and works. The project museum. Men in overalls working on machinery. Computers being repaired. Man with headphones and spectacles. Shots of the completed power station, a cavernous hall. Crowds line streets as Prince Charles arrives to open power station. Prince Charles making speech about this project, he seems quite happy about the end result. He pulls cord to reveal plaque and then presses button and a megawatt counter starts counting. Prince of Wales outside shaking hands with local people. Narrator walks through wood. Mike Hancock, manager of the power station, is interviewed. Dinorwig saves the consumer £50 million per year. In summing up, 'Snowdonia is as beautiful as ever'. Time lapse photography on rising levels of water.

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