Film: 545

Railways | 1920 | Silent | B/W


The Flying Scotsman train service to Scotland - King's Cross Station, London 1920's

Cleaning locomotives, putting on the name plate at the front. Oiling the drive shafts, putting on the lamps, train leaves, clock at Kings's Cross reads 9.35 am, people on platform, coupling up, buying newspaper at the stand, platform scenes, porters etc. Man arrives by taxi, porters, 10am departure of train, stoking on footplate, cocktail bar. Signalman in box, laying the table in the restaurant carriage, waiter at work, family eat meal, Grantham, Lincolnshire, Station, through tunnel, stoking the engine, man in carriage smokes and reads paper, York, Yorkshire, from window, barber's shop, taking on water, Durham and Newcastle. From window, cocktail waiter, restaurant car, over river Tweed, Edinburgh Station, Scotland.
From the series: Great Britain's Great Expresses No 1. A record of a journey from London to Edinburgh on the 10am Flying Scotsman; the train at that time carried a ladies hairdressing saloon. Motive power includes Gresley LNER 'A3' Pacific 4-6-2, No 2577 Night Hawk fitted with air brake pump, No 4475 Flying Fox, a Class D20 4-4-0 and a Raven Class C7 4-4-2 Atlantic.

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