Film: 5454

Places + Locations | 1960 | Sound | Colour


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Blue Cars air coach holidays. Chirpy travelogue, tongue in cheek commentary with a Cockney accent most of the time. A cheesy 1960's holiday film to Italy via Switzerland.

London taxi drops passenger outside Blue Cars office in Holborn. Passenger pays his fare and hands a holiday brochure to the taxi driver. Man enters the Blue Cars shop. Close up of shop sign. Holiday brochure opened to a page on Italy holidays. Views of Switzerland as seen from a moving vehicle, quiet rural roads and villages. Close up of man asleep on a coach. Blue Cars signage on the outside of the coach. Passengers get off at Hotel Du Cret, a chalet style building. Alpine views, man using a movie camera. Close up of person picking up a cup of coffee at the breakfast table. Coach departing. Sign post showing distances to Milan, Turin, Nice. Coach enters a mountain tunnel at St Bernard. Various views of coach travelling along motorways e-route to Italy, some from driver’s POV. Coach crosses a bridge across a valley.
Night time footage of an Italian fountain – quite dark.

Exterior of a hotel, Hotel Dover in Rome, with small fountain in front. Holiday guests exit the hotel and board a coach. A tour escort greets them. The Blue Cars holiday coach travelling through Rome streets. Street views in Rome and views from a moving vehicle, Coliseum. Tourists throwing coins into the Trevi fountain. Woman feeds a street cat a slice of toast. The commentary calls the women "birds". Tourist in white suit makes notes on his lap, while three women laugh and joke, doing thumbs up and down signals at the Coliseum. Horse drawn carriage stops at the Spanish Steps and our white suited gent with two ladies disembarks. Tourists explore the steps. St Peters Square and traffic. Our tourists board the Blue Cars Coach and flick through postcards. St Peters church. Tivoli gardens with fountains and “rude” statues with water spurting out of stone breasts, people giggle. Two attractive female tourists walk around the garden displays and behind the falling water of a fountain waterfall.

Driver’s POV of motorway, vehicle takes exit to Cassino, Italy. More views from moving vehicle of quiet motorways. Views of the Blue Cars holiday coach driving into Sorrento, busier streets and winding coast roads. Panning view over the Bay of Naples. Various bay views. Coach arrives at hotel, Hotel Leuce. Passenger enter hotel. View of a guest bathroom, man looking into mirror, before he closes the door. View down over hotel patio. White suited tourist is served a drink at a patio table. He stands up and pulls a lemon off a tree before walking over to a table full of ladies to give it to them. Tourists visit the Roman ruins at Pompeii with some quite cheesy footage of the usual single man on holiday, enjoying the company of girls on the coach trip. Close ups of statues. Close up of driver pushing the horn on the coach’s steering wheel. The smiling tour escort as passengers bound back onto the bus. Side view of the Blue Cars coach.

Neon lights for a Tarantella Show and night life. Dancers perform the Tarantella dance in traditional costume. Tourists join in the dancing. Audience watch and clap while sitting around tables with drinks. Lots of funs being had and audience participation.

A boat pulls into the harbour at Marina Piccola in Sorrento. A male tourist with a beach towel rolled up under his arm, boards the fast ferry with two attractive women. The speed boat heads off to Capri. The two ladies chats to the captain and crew in the cockpit, while the man films from the side of the boat. View from the boat heading into port on the Isle of Capri. Passengers get off the boat. The two women choose postcards from a rack, while the man doffs his sailor’s hat he is now wearing. The three tourist get in an open top taxi and are viewed smiling and laughing as the taxi drives through the streets of Capri. They get out of the taxi and wave to the driver, before ascending some steps up towards a building with sign “Ristorante”. They stop to look at swimming costumes for sale. View down to a rocky cove and small beach. At sea level people are jumping off rocks into the sea. The women frolic in the sea in their bikinis while the man signals ‘cheers’ from a bar. The girls each pose for photos sitting on the edge of a row boat. One lady wears huge round sunglasses.

Sorrento Nightlife. A spinning glitter ball in a nightclub. A live band playing. Young couples dancing on a busy dance floor.

Fishing village Sorrento
Woman walk along the seafront at Sorrento. The two girls sit at an outdoor café where they are served drinks. They write postcards. They are in a fishing village, boats bob in the marina and fishing nets are piled up behind them. Local kids play on the steps of the café as the girls get up to leave. The women take photos, lots of smiling. They walk through the village onto the beach, where an elderly woman is raking the sand. People relaxing on a sun terrace under umbrellas. A man with a camera gets up to leave.

Blue Cars holiday coach travels along the motorways to Florence. View over Florence, zooming in on the Duomo. Passengers disembark from the coach, assisted by a cheerful tour escort. One of the male tourists climbs a lamp post for a better view to film. A narrow street in Florence, close up of Hotel S.Giorgio sign. Our tourists walk along the street while a tiny Fiat squeezes past. The Cathedral, statues and art work. Souvenir shop, where two ladies in the tour group bid farewell to their male companion. The two women visit a market stall and ask the trader to show them a glittery silver handbag, which one of them buys. A Florence street with pigeons eating breads crumbs in the road. The male tourist from earlier, now dressed in a white suit, descends some steps to greet the women outside a flower stall. They walk off together. The three are seated outside enjoying an alfresco meal from a restaurant overlooking the Ponte Vecchio. The man drinks from a wine glass. The waiter serves coffees. Zoomed in view of the Ponte Vecchio. Back to London, where a policeman leans into a cab and tells the driver he can’t park there any longer. The taxi driver has been reading the Blue Cars holiday brochure and dreaming of Italy. He says he’s ‘off to Rome’ and drives away. The Bobbie watches him drive away with his hands on his hips.

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