Film: 5455

Shipping | 1940 | Sound | B/W


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Documentary about the development of radar with particular attention to its employment at sea 1940's

A sailing ship. An aerial view of a modern ship. Radar. Close up of radar on a ship. Illustration of a boat on an iceberg, sound waves and a chronometer. Illustration of radar sending out sound waves towards an aeroplane in the sky. A model of a building with radar placed on top. Map of Britain, sound waves are sent out towards the moon. View of a cathode ray tube. A drawing of the cathode ray tube, explaining how it works. A drawing showing the tube's fluorescent screen and how it works. Drawing of radar sending out sound waves to a ship. The waves bounce back and the spotlight on the fluorescent screen flickers. Drawing of the fluorescent screen and radar with a ruler on it. View of four radars. A drawing showing radar sending out radio waves towards a boat. Diagram of the fluorescent screen. A diagram showing two fluorescent screens. A worker working at radar equipment. A view of a research laboratory. View of some equipment. View of a BBC studio in the laboratory. Close up of a transmitter. View of coastal radar installations. Aerial view of a factory. The interior of the factory. A transmitter being operated by a woman and a man sitting down in front of a screen. A man operating another transmitter. Close up of the transmitter. View of radar. Another transmitter. Another radar. View of small radars to which is superimposed the view of a warship. View of a filed with small haystacks. Horses pulling a harvester. View of another field. A ship. View of two radar installations on a cliff. View of some ships sailing through a thick mist. Close up of a radar screen. Diagram showing a boat sending out radar waves. Close up of a radar screen. View of the sea. Close up of some equipment. Close up of a sea scan. View of a seaman operating radar. Diagram explaining how the radar works. Worker working at radar. Close up of some wires. Automatic machine used to construct radar. Working on the construction of radar. Close up on part of radar. Other stages in the construction process. Close up of components. Close up of the transmitter unit and explanation of how it works. Worker at transmitter unit. Close up of the work being carried out. Other stages of the construction process. A view of a generator - a diagram explains how the different components of radar work. Diagram showing a sea scan and its aerial ?? Beam. Close up of radar components. Close up of radar aerial. View of a map. Close up of the map. Diagram showing two ships and two circles. Close up of a receiver screen. Another radar. Close up of the unit. Close up of some components. Diagram showing a map. Close up of a receiver screen. View of the top of a ship. Close up of radar aerial. View of the wheelhouse with a sailor operating the seascan. View of the ship. Map of the world on which some naval routes have been shown. View of more equipment. Drawing showing a port control unit. Diagram of radar and its aerial beam. View of radars. The interior of a factory. Close up of a worker. Close up of radar aerial. View of a wheel-house with a seaman operating a seascan. A radar unit with a worker. Close up of radar components.

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