Film: 5459

Medicine | 1950 | Sound | B/W


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The workings of a small rehabilitation Unit in a General Hospital 1950's

Streets of Melbury, fictitious, but probably Manchester, pedestrians. General views. Smoking factory chimneys, workers leaving. Football match. Exterior hospital, nurses. Nurses helps man on with coat. Doctor lights up cigarette. Committee meeting. "land us in Queer Street " Doctor strolls around empty building, smoking. Back to board meeting, vicar smokes with long cigarette in holder. Doctors recline in social room. Men building gymnasium. Doctor speaks with female doctor on telephone. People exercising in gym. Line of people in plaster-cast walking forwards. Walking over blocks. Stroke victims exercising muscles and doing various other exercises. People with various crutches and walking-sticks walk along pathway.

Doctor manipulates woman's leg. Man has electric leg massage. Man smokes pipe. Woman walks through streets. Man in mask welds. Two men push lathe down path. Old woman basket-weaving. Man screws in wall-bracket. Young boy exercises with shoulder-sling. Man tightens clamp. Man with broken leg operates lathe. Woman weaves on loom etc. Man with child comes to door. Man serves from jars in sweetshop. Man shaves. Man operates drill. Little girl blows out birthday candles.

A doctor at a general hospital is frustrated by the lack of a physical medicine department for his patient with an injured knee who is anxious to return to work. He complains about the hospital waiting lists…( nothing changes ! )
135ft The Regional Hospital Board has turned down a proposed major rehabilitation unit so the committee decides to convert accommodation to provided limited rehabilitation facilities
477ft On completion patients are admitted for treatment in a small gymnasium; a class for fractured legs and walking exercises
520ft Spastics
575ft Learning to walk
633ft Children with postures
650ft Arthritis
690ft Head injuries
770ft Physiotherapy
878ft Discussion and introduction of occupational therapy
1280ft Aids to daily living

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