Film: 546

Railways | 1960 | Sound | B/W


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GWR Great Western Railway Barry in Wales and Dai Woodham's steam locomotive scrap yard 1960's

A fascinating record of the early days at Dai Woodham's locomotive scrapyard at Barry, South Wales.

A steam train whistle blows. The front of a locomotive. A sign reads "platform 3". The legs of people walking about on the platform, carrying bags, a porter's cart, more legs and briefcases, a platform announcement speaker, legs and suitcases, several shots, people presumably going on holiday by train. The front of a steam engine. A signal. Lots of quick cut people's legs walking and hurrying around the railway platform. Close-up of the signal. A whistle blows and the legs start running around to catch the train. The signal lowers to 'go'. The train pulls out of the station (but it is a very close shot of the engine, except the camera pans down to show it is a line of derelict engines)
Several shots of lines of engines, carriages and freight wagons on a stretch of line. The word 'CON' painted in large white letters on the side shown in close-up. Front of locomotive, rusting and derelict. Many. Many shots of rusting abandoned steam locomotives, which are condemned at the end of steam to be scrapped for iron. Weeds. A bird sings in the hedgerow. Rusting footplates. A spider's web. Close-up of various parts of the steam trains. A boiler door, the coupling, wheels. Lots of shots of Barry scrap yard and then the breakers arrive. They put on gloves and other protective clothes. Using welding equipment, they cut up the trains. A flash-back to the busy platform days and the fire in the firebox. Shots of half cut-up locomotives and junk metal lying around or moved by large crane magnet. A bogey wheel is lifted into the air. A line of locomotives in the grass. A diesel train passes - the future. Shots of lots of abandoned steam trains set to music. Melting down scrap metal, furnace.

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