Film: 5460

Places + Locations | 1970 | Sound | Colour


Touristy guide to Hong Kong 1970's, showing off its hotels, sights, attractions and geography, and its nightlife. Fast paced and aimed at westerners.

Titles. Cathay Pacific airplane on the runway after landing. Similar, but Korean Airlines. Again Japan Air Lines. Again, Allitalia airline. The Hong Kong Hilton looming above a tram. Double-decker buses and other traffic in a busy street outside the Peninsular Hotel. A car pulls up in front of the Lee Gardens hotel. A doorman and visitor in front of the hotel. The tall skyscraper of another hotel , high above other buildings. Another tall hotel, The Excelsior. The nave of 'The Excelsior' above its entrance. Another tall 1970s or 1960s hotel, The Mandarin, next to a motorway in the heart of the city. The logo of Sightseeing Tours on the side of a coach, parked outside the Honkong Hotel. The logo of Jetset Tours. Logo of Knt. Kagawa Iseki Tour. The logo of Southeast Travel Service. A tour boat sails across Hong Kong harbour. Another tour boat, filled with people, passes by. A party of European tourists carry hand luggage on the coach. A bus turns outside Peak Tower entrance. A woman tourist films with a cine camera. The name of 'Peak Tower' and the 1960's tower above it. A tram descends Victoria Peak, the city below, harbours and mountains in the distance. A long range view of the city, its harbour, ships, and islands. A helicopter wheels over the roofs.

Aerial view of Hong Kong's busy harbour. Another angle, focusing on the port, called 'Aberdeen' , a fishing port. The fishing boats and people in the port. A large fishing boat called a junk. A child looks at us from the back of a boat. A small boat threads its way between others. Another boat in the water, the background full of similar boats. A small barge passes behind stern of another vessel. The stern of a huge junk obscures our sight of smaller boats and buildings. A small boat passes before a tall skyscraper. People in a rowing boat transfer nets to a larger boat. Fish are hung out to dry. Smaller fish hanging in rows on poles. Older and more modern boats pass in different directions in front of a traditional looking building on the waterfront a floating Chinese restaurant. Detail of the building. Boats of varying sizes crowd the harbour. A woman rows her small boat across the water. Another, ferrying a boat full of boxes and goods. Another, rowing her three children. Two similar boats together. A single woman rows her boat nearby. A man rows another boat. A porter pushes a trolley full of boxes or crates in a fish market. Piles of fish, men preparing fish. Stalls of various seafood, shoppers looking around. Exotic lobsters piled on top of each other. Fish in a tank. Other types of fish in another tank. A lobster is plucked from a tank and shoved in a bag. Stalls where fresh meat hangs. A vendor carries a basket, others walk amongst the stalls, one stall laden with jars of spices. Plucked ducks hang at another stall.

Live ducks packed together. They jostle as a man throws them seed at a farm. Ducks swimming. A farmer uses a plough pulled by two oxen. Fields of different crops, farm buildings and mountains in the distance. A Hacka (spelling?) people from South China who continue traditional farming and are distinguishable by their very wide-brimmed hats carries baskets on a pole. A woman Hacka stands with a pole over one shoulder, balancing a bag and basket. She is joined by a similar woman. Farm buildings. Workers in the rice or bean fields. In another field, a woman throws water over the crops. Rows of small rice fields, a worker splashing water in the centre. Aerial view of a valley with fields stepped along the sides. Another, hills and mountains behind. Another, showing how even the tiniest valley is cultured and farmed in the midst of rock, cliffs, and sea. The city skyline and harbour. Street level, crowded with shop signs. A busy pedestrian crossing. Busy traffic on either side. Busy three lanes. Busy four lanes and junction. Another busy road. Double- deckers and cars at a junction. Shoppers and commuters stand at the roadside. Face of a child. Pedestrians hurry across the road in front of traffic. Others hurry in front of a bus. Others, heavy traffic in the background. A crowded pavement. Shoppers crisscross each other in the street. A woman carries a baby on her back.
Gaudy interior of a Buddhist temple. The Temple of Thousand Buddhas. The yellow roof of this temple, outside. Aerial view of the temple and its precincts on a rural setting at the end of 'Chopstick Road', high on Lantow Island. Aerial view of a Chinese burial place, looking like the stepped interior of a amphitheatre. A train winds its way along the Kowloon to Canton Railway by the coast. A group stand on a high hilltop. The sandy beach of one of the islands. A sandy bay in a valley. Part of the coast jutting out into the sea. The coastline, houses along the beach. The harbour of one of the islands. Another, boats dotted everywhere. Typhoon barriers protect a harbour. A harbour, another island towards the horizon. Inlets along the coast. Islands along the coast. Blocks of flats on Hong Kong island or Kowloon Peninsula. The waterfront of the tower blocks of Hong Kong's largest housing estate. An aerial shot of the estate, looking out to sea. View of the Chinese University spread over several hills. Highways along Hong Kong waterfront, one road leading to the Harbour Tunnel which links Hong Kong to Kowloon. Ferries make their way to and from the harbour quays. Passengers walking away. A merchant ship crosses the harbour. A smaller ship carries passengers. Passengers disembark from another. Another passenger boat, out in the harbour. The interior of a large ferry, filled with commuters. The exterior of the same or similar. A ferry draws up to the quay. The foaming water at the heel as the ferry goes into reverse. The ferry moors and passengers disembark.

The faces of hurrying commuters. Commuters hop off buses. Commuters in between traffic. Commuters at a road crossing. Commuters walking. Again. A child sits by a pavement. An old woman in the crowd. People eating and buying snacks at roadside stalls. Closed. The blur of traffic, walking legs. A man hurries across a road. A traffic cop directs traffic. Sign for the Hong Kong And Shanghai Bank. A bus hurries along a street. Others as they come towards us. More of these buses. Taxi sign, taxis parked beneath it, a double-decker bus station to the right. Pedestrians wait patiently at a busy street corner. Busy traffic. Face of an old woman. A man lighting his cigarette. A woman sorting vegetables on her stall. A smiling man. Meat carried down a street. A child in the hustle and bustle. A young man practices his Tai Chi morning exercise on a park. Two old men practice at the base of some steps. A middle-aged man practices in the street.
Hong Kong Harbour, ships of various sizes in the middle. A non- motorized junk from China, floating out at sea. Another sails by us. A junk with its sails up overtaken by a motorized boat. A sailed junk out at sea. Another, nearer the harbour. Close-up of a freight ship. Merchant ships floating next to each other. Aerial view of merchant ships, tugs and barges. A dozen freight ships moored next to each other. Cargo containers stacked on a ship. A similar ship, the dock or container terminal stacked with lots of crates, behind. Ships of various sizes tied up at a buoy. A helicopter flies high over the city.
Logo of Far East Exchange LTD, a bustling bank behind. Stockbrokers or financiers write figures on blackboards. Rows of financiers and telephones cram the room. A financier glances at his TV- screen and replaces his phone. The blackboard again. Financiers and investors watch anxiously. Brokers watch by their phones. Close- up of faces. One broker hurries through the room. Sums are scribbled on the blackboards. Others watch. A young man at the boards waits for instructions. Rows of brokers and phones seen from the front. The boards and room- a panorama. Movement in the room. An investor walks away from the boards. Another scribbles. The exterior and entrance of Bank Of America. Sign for The Chase Manhattan Bank. Sign and entrance of the Chartered Bank. Exterior of the Hong Kong And Shanghai Bank. Traffic flashes past a sign for the Allgemene Bank Nederland N.V. Chinese signs above the entrance to the Hang Seng Bank. The sign above the entrance to the Bank Of East Asia- stately. Entrance, stone lions, and sign for the Bank Of China. Street outside the Bank Of Canton. Sign of The First National Bank. Buses rush past the building, before we pan up the length of its modern circular tower.
Ornate architectural ornamentation of the Casino De Ligwa(?) . A spinning roulette wheel. More of the casino's architecture, which is a circular tower. A fruit machine is set rolling. The woman playing waits it to stop. Money is put in another one armed bandit and the handle pulled. A row of arcade machines and their players. The woman before, wins. A hydrofoil speeds its way across the China Sea. We see it from another boat. A rally car speeds up a road. A formula one car races along a street. Other cars are moved past at a race track. One roars round a corner. A formula one car negotiates a corner. Others chase. Spectators watch the race from an old stone- probably colonial- building.
A bullfighter entices a bull in a ring. The bullfighter thrusts daggers or skewers into the bull' s back. Another toreador sends a bull the wrong way using his coat. And again. Another stubs a bull's shoulders. A bull tries shaking off the small spears. Another gores a bullfighter and his colleagues try to rescue him.

Harbour view of Macao, the casino prominent. Looking down at the white city of Macao from a hill. The baroque façade of a Christian church built by the Portuguese- probably the rest of the church is ruined. A view through its doorway or window of china across the water. Tombstones in the Protestant cemetery at Macao. Gravestone of a British man; George Chinnery an artist. Another, of Lord Henry John Spencer Churchill. Handsome, wooden interior of what was once the home of the British East India Company. The exterior of this building, and its garden. Clothing hangs on lines strung from balconies in an old street. Aerial view of Hong Kong illustrating the size of its tall buildings. Water reservoirs nestle high in the mountains. Another reservoir. A de-salination plant on the coast. Close-up of the barrier preventing water from draining out to sea. An old woman walks along a pipeline which carries water from China in the event of drought. Abstract close-up of an electronic board. An engineer works intensely. Close-up of blurred objects on a bench. A jeweller files a gold- watch chain. She picks and scrapes it clean. Another angle, rows of other craftswomen performing the same task. Hands inspect the backs and fronts of watches. A factory process dying strands of marino wool- at the Taiping Carpet Factory at Taipo. Spinning machines gather wool. Rolls of died wool. Hands guide strands through a machine. Wool being spun by these machines. A felt tip is used to draw the design for a rug. A more intricate design emerges. One side of a rug, tufts of wool sticking out. Close-up of the tufts. The reverse of the rug as a device threads or weaves, wool strands to fill out the design. The first side, showing the strands bursting through. A woman holding a portable threader and working another rug, another woman working at a higher level. The higher woman kneels on a plank. The wool tufts are shaved to give the pattern more coherence. A woman uses scissors to finish a rug's pattern. Hands and scissors as faults are removed. Several women work on one rug, cutting and picking at it. A shaver trims the wool.
Fish scenes on a splendid Chinese vase, another behind displaying peacocks and other birds. A ceramic, lacquered and painted figurine- a mixture of a tower and other features (not really anything!) Ivory carving of a serpent. Ivory carving of a fanciful plant life. A Henry Moore abstract sculpture stands by a roadside. The workshop of the sculptor Chung Lee. Another angle. The intricate, abstracted surface of what he's working on. An abstract metal or gold surface. Various abstract sculptures of his adorn a wall. W. Wong, a draughtsman, at his bench. He draws. One of his drawings.
A commuter ferry in the harbour. The sun sets on paddy fields. Closer. Similar as a farmer makes his way home. Further away. A double-decker bus on a busy nightime street bright neon lights everywhere. Trams hustle by. Modern architecture lit by streetlights. Bright trams. Bright shops and signs. Similar. The headlights of a bus. Flashing blue police light going down a bright street. Car headlights in traffic. Busses passing shops. The police car light approaches shops. A double-decker bus passes shops. Aerial view of a building outlined by bulbs. Red Light district. Bright signs, 'Massage' prominent. Another 'Topless' prominent. Provocative pictures of women on a street sign. An advertisement for a topless bar. Neon sign of a topless woman. Wider view of same. 'Bar' signs. 'Pink Lady Bar' in neon lights. 'Bottoms up' in neon. Similar sign, neon in English and Chinese. The same sign in the context of others and busy street. A tower building outlined with light bulbs. Bright lights of an interior ceiling- a disco. A DJ speaking into a microphone. Close-up of the microphone. Flashing light. Groovy dancing on the dance floor -mostly westerners. Close- up of one of the women writhing. Wider again. Closer again. Close of a man and woman dancing. Wiggling hips and bottoms. Close-up of woman. Some of man. Two people dancing. Woman dancing. Group dancing. Bright red light. The dancefloor again. Smiling revellers. Blurred dance movements. Flashing lights. Dance floor again. Pretty woman dancing. Another woman. Flashing light. Photo of a woman. Orange light. Photo on wall, light and dancers. Others getting on down. Others. Flashing light.
Sign for the 'Don Robb Quartet'. Diners in a classy restaurant. Xylophone being played. Double bass player. His hands on the strings. Piano keys. Clarinet player. Gentle, old- fashioned dancing, mostly westerners again. An old couple twirl. Piano keys again. Couples dancing. Another view. And another. Another. Once more. The 'Don Robb Quartet' sign again.
Bright light. Chinese man's face. Brightly lit night time market. Young boy yawns. Man's face again. He sells chicken legs at a stall. Man eats with chopsticks. Chinese eat at tables outside informal atmosphere. Dishes of food at a stall. Another stall; and another. Customers crowd a stall. A man selects nuts or fruit. A stall selling belts. A stall for watches. A stall selling ivory jewellery. A trouser stall. Suit and trousers stall. Heaps of trousers. Heaps of shirts in cellophane. Toy train set on a table. Customers sort through clothes at a stall. A snack seller. A customer purchases something. Customers and clothes stalls. And again. Stall with key rings. Stall with jewellery. Another jewellery stall. The jewellery on display. Various stalls. The harbour at night, a bright tower block illuminated, credits superimposed.

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