Film: 5462

War + Military | 1940 | Sound | B/W


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World War Two 1944
Account of the campaign of the British and Canadians from D- Day, Normandy to Brussels.

London and preparation for the D Day assault.
Big Ben, Piccadilly Circus, tree lined London street. View from moving vehicle of London town houses in residential squares. Troops and equipment being moved in rural Britain, people watch and wave where the convoys pass through villages. Trains travelling fast. Train driver and man stoking the furnace. Some footage is very dark, trains moving through the night. Very long convoys of army vehicles lined up along roads. Driver's POV through a split screen windscreen, troops and vehicles at the sides of the road. Soldiers walking, others in the back of canvas sides trucks. Army troops and equipment gathered on the seafront of a UK south coast town. Ships, boats and vessels also travelling to the Channel via waterways. Busy harbours on the south coast with boats waiting.
Soldiers viewing reconnaissance maps of enemy defences. Large groups of troops boarding ships on the south coast. Supplies and equipment, tanks, jeeps all being loaded onto ships.
Man walking purposefully along a corridor, followed by the camera. He enters the office of Supreme Commander, General Dwight Eisenhower. Silhouette and near dark views of troops marching. Ships at sea at night. Planes fly overhead, people being parachuted out. The armada of vessels gathered in the channel and planes fly overhead.

Battle in France.
Aerial view of bombs exploding on the ground. Ships firing cannons and guns. Soldiers unloading from the boats onto the beaches of France amidst lots of gunfire. Tanks coming ashore. Soldiers making their way deeper inland, past ruin buildings. Two enemy soldiers with hands in the air are led away. Soldiers and vehicles and tanks in a French town. Convoys on rural French roads. Liberation of Normandy.
People hang flags out the windows of tall buildings in Normandy. French children running through the street waving and carrying a flag.
Soldiers continue movement south towards Caen. Two man teams fire big guns from gun enplacements in an orchard. Shells lined up on the ground in readiness. Tanks firing guns. Sniper shooting. Machine gun being fired. Row of tanks all firing at the same time. Soldier looking through binoculars from the turret of a tank.
Commander gives instructions to troops via a chalk map he's drawn on the side of a tank. Troops advancing across open fields. More big guns firing. Tanks rolling in to a town. Prisoners being led with hands on heads. A casualty on a stretcher receives help. Another injured soldier is helped to walk. Three senior men review a map laid out of the grass.

Assault on Caen
Dark rural views depicting dawn. Silhouettes of tanks and soldiers waiting. Forces move forward. Tracer fire. Tanks camoflaged with foliage. Big guns hidden with camoflage netting are fired. Soldiers move across fields. One man runs forward to surrender, arms in the air. Soldiers on the edge of Caen. Lancaster and Halifax bombers in flight overhead. View from a plane of explosions on the ground. Troops navigating their way through the ruins of Caen. Tanks enter town. Sign says Churchill Bridge. Tank crosses bridge.

Chalk map on the side of a tank showing Le Mans and Avranches France. The plan of attack is decribed. Close up of reconnaissance planes in flight. Planes bank away. Bombs hurtling towards the ground having been fired from aircraft. Troops and tank lined up in rural area. Men discuss plans over a makeshift table. Convoys moving. Tanks firing large guns. Snipers in a hole in the ground. Soldiers firing machine guns. Sign for Thury-Harcourt as seen from a passing tank. Troops walking along the road and tanks proceeding throught the town. Vehicles cross a temporary bridge over the River Orne, balanced on a row of punts in the water.

Assault on Falaise France. View of the town amidst sounds of gunfire. Soldiers under fire as they run through the ruined streets. Medic attends to wounded person. Tanks move through the rubble. Chalk map shows were the enemy is now contained. Lots of aircraft overhead. Aerial view of explosions on the ground. Big guns firing. A burning German tank and other vehicles. Destroyed military equipment. Dead horses lying in the road. Dead bodies of German soldiers with some bloody close ups. Captured soldiers being led through a village. They gather in large numbers in a field, camera provides close ups of the enemy faces, many look quite haunted.
High level view over a bridge across the Seine. Troops and armaments being moved through northern France. Soldier looks through binoculars. Other men drag a boat through a field. More big guns firing and explosions at dusk or night fall. Engineers moving a mobile floating bridge into place at dawn. Troops filling a boat to cross a river. A sniper in position. More big guns firing. Tank firing its canon on a town street. Soldier firing a machine gun from a town centre building window. Machine gun fire from a tank. A large house on fire. Soldiers taken prisoner and led down a city street. A casaulty carried on a stretcher. Vehicles crossing on the mobile bridge. Troops walking across Vernon Bridge, sign with the bridge's name in the background. Armoured vehicles proceed through town, one building has a Union Jack flying from it. Troops entering Rouen. Crowds line the road waving and cheering. Women throw flowers. Sign for Amiens. More cheering from crowds at passing military convoy. Canadian soldiers on the beach at Dieppe. Service being held at the Canadian War Cemetery Dieppe. Troops on formal march through the city centre. Bagpipes and marching band lay.
4 way sign post in the road marking distances to Ypres, Steenwerck, Warneton and Armentieres. Battle of Normandy. More military convoys passing through towns to huge welcome. Soldiers on motorcycles ride past a burnt out but still smouldering lorry. Sign saying Douane Belge - border crossing to Belgium. Again convoy of troops and vehicles is welcomed by the locals. Arrow sign post pointing to Brussels.
Sep 3rd, military convoy parade through Brussels to the delight of large crowds.

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