Film: 5463

War + Military | 1970 | Sound | Colour


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NATO in the 1970's

The Ocean. Wide angle view with gulls in flight and a replica Viking ship in sunset. Port of Lisbon, Portugal, Europe. Astronomical instruments. Tall ships, long shot and aerial view. Close up bow of freighter in port, dwarfing a passing tugboat. Additional freighter shots from a variety of angles. Panoramic view of port and its activities. Sir Peter Hill, Horton, Admiral of the fleet naval intelligence officers track warships. Conspiracy theories about Soviet ships. Illustration of Soviet military vessels. Overview of Soviet, Russian naval fleet. Assorted NATO aircraft taking off and in flight. Cockpit interior. Aircraft carrier. Aerial close up of nuclear submarine. Radar room. Underwater blast, helicopter drops torpedoes. Aeroplane drops bombs. Paranoid, or what? Naval vessel in stormy conditions.

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