Film: 5464

Entertainment + Leisure | 1950 | Sound | B/W


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Television History - This was 1st Tv show ever to be videotaped (But NOT this episode which is a telerecording on 16mm)
Film stock dated 1955. American TV talent show.
Lipton tea advert, soup advert and 'Frostee' advert - animated. Announcer introduces Arthur Godfrey. Host with comedy banter. Panellists on the show include housewife discussing perfume application, and advice on making perfect cup of tea. Mildly xenophobic. Talent show filmed in New York studio. Godfrey sits at desk and makes tea. Throughout programme Godfrey praises Lipton's tea and packet soup. Godfrey asks for applause for the band's ( Lou McGarity Orchestra )saxophonist whose wife has just had a baby. Man still looks stunned. Godfrey introduces three separate talent scouts who introduce acts. First woman sells perfume, and there is a long comedic banter about this - where a woman should put perfume. Godfrey surprised women put perfume in crux of their elbows. She introduces female singer who sings song. Next talent scout is black woman from Jamaica in the "British West Indies", now living in Manhattan and applying for American citizenship. Godfrey approves. She introduces her black husband and his three brothers who sing accompanied by man on piano. They bow. Woman introduces her husband and his identical twin brother who play piano duet on two pianos. They bow. All three acts perform very quick repeat performance and audience applaud. Clapometer. Emotional winner (female singer) cries and Godfrey mops her eyes. "Thank you Mr. Godfrey, that's the only thing in my life I've ever won!".

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