Film: 5467

Places + Locations | 1950 | Sound | B/W


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Canada. (Film dated 1956 but looks more 1940s).

Steam trains and railways. Miners leaving a shift, some riding in mine cars others walking out the tunnels. Trains moving ore and at a mine.
Huge silo with Western Grain Co Ltd on the side, a cargo steam train passes by. Lots of cargo train in sidings. Wide open space - fields of wheat. More grain silos beside railway tracks. Saskatchewan Pool marked on the side. Three old timers stand by the rails smoking pipes. Still images from an earlier era of the railways. Men loading hay onto a horse drawn wagon and into a baling machine. Man stoking a furnace. Truck delivers a load of grain which is emptied into the silo. Two men chat. The load is weighed and receipt given. Railway cargo carriage is loaded with grain from a silo. Train pulls away from silo marked Pioneer Grain Co Ltd. Train travelling past grain silos across wide open plains.
Very brief view of a map of Canada with the cities of Churchill, Vancouver and Winnipeg marked. Winnipeg is highlighted. Downtown streets scenes most probably in Winnipeg. Further map with Winnipeg and Ft William highlighted. Wide panning view of railway yard with goods trains waiting. Several clips of cargo trains moving. Cargo ships moored beside huge silos, being filled. Views of silos. Rail carriage being tipped on a huge lift to empty its load. More crowded rail yards.

Steam train travels through a mountainous area of Canada with forests and snow capped peaks. Inside the train people take photos out the window. Mountain scenery as viewed from the train. Train pulls into a station. Beavers building a dam.

View over a lake and docks. Steamer ferry coming in. Various shots of cargo steam trains travelling through mountainous region of Canada. Guard on the back of the train. Grain being emptied via a large pipe into a cargo hold. Trains at the docks. Ship named Taikyu Maru.
Mountains - very dark. Train slowly pulls into platform. A group of people get off with suitcases and walk away from the platform. Sign saying "Suites and Rooms".
Train carrying logs. Logging, logs being thrown into a river. Close up of train moving huge trunks. Canada section ends at 00:08:48 before going into another unrelated film.

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