Film: 5468

War + Military | 1940 | Sound | B/W


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World War Two
Allied invasion up to Cologne.

Military convoys move through French towns, locals wave and welcome troops. Huge welcome and parade of American military through Rennes. Church bells ringing and great close up of local faces. Drawing of a map zooming in on Avranches and Mortain. Troop movements, burning tank, badly damaged buildings. Soldiers advancing in small groups, searching for cover. An injured man is carried on a stretcher. RAF Typhoon aircraft in flight, dropping bombs, explosions. Aircraft being reloaded with bombs, pilots run to their planes and take off. Soldiers on the ground firing big guns and machine guns. Tanks move through a destroyed town, troops on foot, possibly Mortain.
Map showing direction the battle is moving, zooms in on Falaise and Argentan. Big guns being set up and loaded with shells. Planes being readied and taking off. Close ups of soldiers in position just waiting to attack. A soldier shows a count down with his fingers raised. Guns start firing. Planes flying low and firing guns. Soldiers on field telephones. Soldiers surrendering and being taken prisoner. Aerial view from plane attacking the ground with bombs and gun fire. Lots of smoke and fire, burnt out vehicles. A corpse on his back. Another body being lifted out of a tank. Abandoned roadside vehicles, dead bodies and dead horses. Large group of men taken prisoner, lots of close ups of soldiers' faces. A man runs towards the camera waving a white flag. He is frisked by a soldier. Another prisoner has his helmet removed, others stand with their hands on their heads. Groups of prisoners escorted along roads on foot.
Map showing Paris. Smouldering vehicles. Group of men discuss tactics over a map laid across the bonnet of a truck. Tanks on the move along roads. They pass through a French town where locals wave and welcome troops. Military vehicles pass a road sign for Paris. Items being dropped by parachute from planes.
French soldiers fighting in Normandy. French military vehicles proceed to Paris. More welcoming locals as convoys pass through towns.
Paris, an empty view along the Champs Elysees, except for one person crossing the road. People queing. People collecting water from taps in the street. Skirmishes in the streets of Paris. A French flag is hung from a balcony. Civilians with white flags run to safety. Hotel de Ville. Civilians run out onto the streets waving, French military arrive to much applause.
Film suddenly jumps to a map of Belguim and Netherlands. Zoom in to the River Reine and cities of Arhem and Nijmegen. A periscope pops up from a bunker. Soldiers being transported by air. They take positions ready to parachute out of the plane. Tumbling view as if from person who has jumped. Parachutes opening and falling. Men landing and walking off with their kit. Soldiers walk past a burnt out car with a dead person slumped out of the driver's seat. Planes. One crash lands gently in a field and ends up upside down. Troops in vehicles waiting. Military vehicle crossing the bridge at Eindhoven. Battle ensues. Sign Arnhem 17. Troops dug in, firing guns and throwing grenades in battle at Arnhem. Supply drop by parachute. Injured on a stretcher. Close ups of soldiers, one a radio operator.
Map focusing on Antwerp. View over Antwerp city. Deserted docks. Coast, soldiers firing guns and running through streets. Men wade through muddy waters along the south bank of the river. Mine sweepers at sea. Ship entering Antwerp Dock. Dock cranes now busy unloading cargo. Convoys enter Antwerp. Gun fire at night.
Lorry loads of soldiers from the front line being unloaded and fed and watered as part of their rest period. Clean clothes handed out. Signs for "Barber" & "Hot Water" and a movie. Soldiers at rest, showering, relaxing, the canteen, writing letters, playing darts. Troops loaded onto trucks for journey back to the battle.
Troops moving through snow, repairing fences, carrying fuel supplies. Refueling a plane in the snow. Knocking snow off vehicles. Soldiers moving through snowy trees, guns firing. Cold soldier manning a gun point, rubs his gloved hands.
Military women working in an office in Brussels. Men manning guns in heavy snow.
Ardenne, soldiers in woods, shells exploding. Vehicles on fire, lots of explosions.
Map of Belgium. Tanks moving. Lots of hectic battle in a city - possibly Leige. Soldier operates field radio. Troops moving through snowy streets. Soldier has a bandage applied to his face. Medics moving a man on a stretcher, they walk past dead bodies in the snow.
City battle, street fighting, tanks, machine gun fired. Tank on fire. Tanks fire hundreds of bullets at a building. Troops moving out in single file. Civilians suffering in winter temperatures. Troops in the snowy woods. Aircraft in flight, troops wave from the ground. Soldier on a radio phone. Rapid fire big guns let off volleys of shots. Convoys and troops on the move again.
Map showing Cologne and Coblenz.
Churchill seated with Roosevelt and Stalin at the Yalta Conference 1945.
Map zoom in on River Rhine and Coblenz and Cologne. Guns destroy large building. Men surrendering. Rapid fire big guns again. Houses on fire, street battle, explosions. Tanks. Pilot using bomb sighting equipment. Soldiers run across a field hands in the air. Troops in forest area and moving through flooded roads. More street battles and lots of gun fire. Troops in the streets of Cologne. Woman hangs a white flag out a window. Lots of destroyed buildings, Cologne Cathedral in background. Tank moves towards the cathedral. An assault boat loaded onto a truck and moved by road. Aerial and high level view over the Rhine. Very smoky atmosphere. Destroyed bridge across the Rhine. One bridge still intact has troops and vehicles move across. Planes, one drops a bomb in close up. It explodes over the River Rhine. Troops board boats and others walk onto an assault boat.

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