Film: 5469

War + Military | 1970 | Sound | B/W + Colour


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An account of the German occupation of Holland in World War Two which includes contemporary interviews with survivors.

It begins with a scene of a windmill seen across the water at dawn in Holland, we are then shown four street scenes of a Dutch town. German parachuters land over Holland, again there are four shots seen, as that many pictures of Soldiers are seen crossing a pontoon bridge. Soldiers are viewed advancing across a field and a C.U of a tank division who is also advancing. An aerial view from a Heinkel [German Plane], of Rotterdam during bombardment, seven shots are shown of this. We can also see civilians in the empty street waving white flags, as is a Dutch soldier walking down the street carrying a white flag, as Rotterdam is is burning and under occupation [six shots are shown of this]. An interview with J.A.H.J.S Bruin Slot who is Dutch and there is a voice over translation and it is shown in colour. Interviews are shown with T.Van Ralte, Rita Boas, Koupman and Jan Kilkens. We are then shown scenes of German soldiers standing to attention while officers arrive in a staff car, the backs of soldiers in seried ranks. Reichkomision Author, Sayss inquart, on 30 May 1940 arrives for the inaugural address at the Hague :- Open - air fair of which we are shown three shots which includes large willing crowds, girl troops of the NSD [Dutch Nazi Party]who are wearing blouses, ties and skirts. There are six shots of the NSD rally and its happy busy supporters. There is a tolling bell, Dense crown and flags are in much evidence. We can also see banners with names of Dutch towns and the young men are also marching with NSD flags. There are seven shots of the crowd gives the Nazi salute, while German officers are in attendance and young men who are also sporting NSD uniforms. There is the Nazi flag on a flag pole while the Dutch flag is being raised. The young men in NSD uniform stand for the anthem while the Dutch flag is raised high above the huge rally and we are shown three shots of this while thousands salute. The NSD leader appears to be Autou Muises? There are two shots of him walking with his hands clasped; he steps onto the podium, a projection from a wall covered in NSD flags, there are soldiers beneath where he is standing. He makes an address to the crowd of which we are shown seven shots, in which we see an CU of a middle-aged woman wearing a traditional Dutch headress, we can also see a CU of an old man who is wearing glasses and a broad-brimmed sun hat,who is listening. We are given a view of a young man who sports a moustache and a flat cap, he is lying on the grass. We are given three shots of groups of people, listening. The crowd stands and salutes as a German bomber flies low overhead, and the crowd waves handerchiefs. There are three shots of the crowd who passes before Musser, saluting him and he returns the salute. Peace protesters which include soldiers and civilians alike wearing white carnations, sing the Dutch anthem and then they place the carnations on national monuments, then Prince Bernhards birthday. The office of the Netherlands Union, political party [De Nederlandsche vuie]is the next to be seen with a CU of a poster. We are then shown a photograph of a long queue, followed by a village church with the congregation at their pews, the women are in traditional costume. We are then shown the congregation leaving the church. The next view is of women having their fingerprints and head and shoulder photographs taken. While a man is stamping passports, the women are receiving their identity cards. We are shown a hall filled with desks, while officials are issuing documents. An interview with Bruin Slot and R.M Van Der Veer is shown in colour. A photograph of a little girl is seen beneath a sign, 'Voov jodeu Verboden'. Another photo of men and boys offering Nazi salute beneath the sign, 'Vinkerveen - joden niet gewenscht'. Four more signs are shown in the street, on shop doors and a barbed wire compound. We are given five shots of German soldiers are seen beating people who look like Jews. There are three shots of men with their hans raised in submission. Next is a colour interview with an old man who is Dutch and a voice over transmission. A typed peice of paper with words 'STAAKT' written several times across it [Strike]is shown to the viewers while a colour interview with Gerben Wagenar follows. We then see a photo of a municipal building and also one of a truck skewed across the street. Three CU shots are seen of tram cars moving through the streets. While two shots are shown of people who are returning to bycicles. We can also see a street scene of people who are walking from a background view of Amsterdam bridges. An interview with an old man is seen in colour. While nine shots of the Dutch civil servants recieving mayorial chains from Seyss inquart in chambers. There is also an interview with Flowie Rost Van tonuigen which is also shown in colour. We see Anton musser ? with an attendant guard at a rally. The scene of a playing field is then shown with boys and firls in NSD ' scout ' uniforms holding flags, we are shown six shots of them marching and saluting. We also see Seyss Inquart at a ralley and a young women stand to attention while wearing gym kit; we see two shots of Nazi flags and the young women performing exercises. Seyss Inquart is watching and we also see boys wearing gym kit. We then see an interview with Van Tohingen. Woudenbar [trade union leader] addressing delegates at convention. An interview with liisson, R.B Woundenbar is shown in colour and four shots of the convention delegates who are listening and speaking. The next scene is of a dormitory where the Germans are rousing the young men and the young men get dressed. We then see them in the classroom where the teacher demonstrates with the blackboard and a rifle with the aid of a pupil, how the weapon is operated. A German officer is seen holding a pointer over a model battlefield, surrounded by pupils [they all wear uniform], we can see a Swastika on the wall. There are CU's in succession of a soldier's face, armband, a Swastika and a badge of 'Nederland'. We then see a vast German rally while German officers are seated whilst a Mulluer look alike speaks from the podium. We are shown the excited and eager face of a young woman. The audience appear to be rapt and the crowd salutes. It looks like Mendelberg who conducts the orchestra of which we are shown five shots. We are then shown a shot of a single soldier who makes an abstracted movement but stands guard against a dramatic sky. Barbed wire on a beach is next seen. We also see shots of workers building defences, a check point in a town and a sentry who inspects a man's paper. We see a deserted seaside resort and a CU of German soldiers face which is serene and watchful.
Empty town. Fortified beach defences. Concrete bunker. Soldier on guard, beside the lapping sea. Intent audinec listening to music, breaking into applause. Conductor and orchestra take a bow. Photo; man demonstrating use of small hand-made gun to four young men in a room. Photo printing press - two shots. The start of a running race at a track meeting. Young men cheer. Football match - three shots including a goal. The crowd invades the pitch. Player held aloft by fans.
Boxing match; fighting. One man down. Counted out. The crowd. Woman in fashionab;e bonnet cuddling small dog. Fashion show. Models parade very discretely amongst tables of onlookers - four shots.
Colour: Bandstand in a park. Conductor and orchestra in uniform, close ups. Audience seated. (five shots).
colour: Photograph. Couple standing outside cinema; sign evident. "Verboden....Joden". Extract from the Eternal Jew: Map showing spread of Jewish people; rats - six shots; Jewish people - seven shots. Concentrating on physiogomy, especially profiles. Elegant drawing room. women in expensive dresses, men in black tie, drinking champagne - three shots. (end of extract).
Amsterdam: House front, bridge. Shop signs - Jewish names. Well-dressed Jews - three shots. Street market. Man shows off chestnuts. Smiling man in crowd. Buying and selling in the market - four shots. water close up.
Colour: Jewish people at a gathering point, with luggage, Star of david evident on clothes. Clerks amid their paperwork; Jews presenting themselves at a desk, wearing Star of David badges. Jews jump from cattle wagons. On the platform German soldiers look at the paperwork. Huddles of prisoners. Close up of an armband 'FK'. Soldiers on the platform gesticulate. A prisoner pushes a wagon. Two small children carrying a box between them. A row of clerks behind their typewriters, a Jew sat before each one. Two men shake hands before a wagon door is closed.
A young girl peers from behind a door, her head wrapped in a scarf. Peole sitting on the floor surrounded by possessions. Close up of moving wheels of a train. The train snakes away.
German military parade through the streets. An endless column of men. German officers on a dais watch. Onlookers prss flowers on the soldiers, who break into smiles. Women walk alongside the departing men, one holds her husband's hand. The band stands, silent, as they pass. Soldiers, garlanded with flowers. One throws a flower into the crowd, another is presented with a bouquet by a youg boy. A man puts up an unidentifiable notice. Men enter a building. "Gewestelijk Arbeidsbureau". A young man on scales, a doctor listens to his heart, a nurse is on hand. An offical passes another man something to sign across a desk. Young men with suitcases at a railway station. A man kisses his young child. People hug on the platform. Three men wave from a carriage. A woman holds up a handkerchief. A policeman inspects a farmer's cart. Police check civilians' papers - two shots. Women at desks check documents. A woman spotchecks a sheet of stamps. She circles one. A man looks at a stamp through a magnifying glass. Photograph of two Geran soldiers walking on an empty street. In view Petra Eldering (colour). Photograph of underground hiding place, a woman and a man with a pipe readign a book. A man on an improvised bed in a tiny space; another, reading in a sleeping bag. Photo: three men setting dynamite in structure of a building. Photo of theree men experimenting with putting a charge in plastic explosive. Photo. Vehicle in flames. Front pages of underground newspapers, including Tvovw ?
Photograph of menstanding before pit awaiting execution from the soldiers who stand before them. Proclamation showing names of dead men. Two photographs of soldiers examining papers. Figure (resistance fighter?) stands beside a great rock, cradling a firearm. Poster "Tweede front" a drawing of a skull next to a ruined wall. POster, woman lies dead beneath a fallen beam, her son looks on. Poster: young girl runs screaming from burning city. (N.B.German propaganda posters. Truck wit American troops passes sign "Maastricht prov. Limburg" Liberated citzens welcome soldiers - reaching out their hands to shaske those of men on passing trucks. Joyous faces.
Liberation of Maastricht. Armoured column passes down crowded streets. NAzis escorted under arrest. A woman her head shaved. Crowd forms a crocodile. Allied bombers. German anti-aircraft gun emplacement, firing. A bomber on the ground, in flames. German soldiers fire machine guns into the air, rsting the muzzles on ammunition boxes. Railway signal, motionless. Empty station. Stock packed into a yard. Dynamited railway track. People scavenging and panning for coal on embankment. (four shots). Woman tries shop door but it is closed. Women pass boarded up shop. Tree falls in street - cut down. Dozens of people hack at the branches. Two men saw a tree trunk. A young boy uses saw on the stump of a tree.
A man on a bicycle, a piece of wood beneath his arm. A young man pulls a door frame away from a building. A young boy stands in a hallway. An old woman laden down with bags. A woman stirs a cooking pot. A dog picks something up in its mouth from snowy ground. A man pulls a bundle of sticks over the snow, a dog following. People with bundles of sticks on their backs. A horse-drawn milk cart. A chan of men carrying pails of soup. A crowd outside a distribution point. A man measures the height of the soup in its pail. Soup ladled into a tin pot. An eager, pressing queue.
HRH Prince Bernhard, the Prince of the Netherlands. Photo: small bunch of cyclists. Photographs of young men being marched away under guard.
J F Bubbermann-Boer (dubbed over)
People scavenging in bins . A small boy wipes his hand around the inside of a pail and licks his finger. A boy eats apiece of bread, another searches for what he can find in the emptied out pails. A guant man in a doorway, a mother and child in her arms. A boy with hollow cheeks gnaws at a crust of bread. A little girl in a bonnet, crying. A funeral procession. A girl against a wall, her legs terribly thin. A boy exhausted, slumped down. A figure eating from a bowl.

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