Film: 5473

Places + Locations | 1930 | Silent | B/W


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Honolulu, Hawaii, USA Amateur home movie 1930's

Travelogue footage taken on Pacific cruises c. 1936 and 1939. Includes close up travelling shot of S.S. Arandora Star ( the ship that was later torpedoed in 1940 by a German U-boat, with the loss of 446 Italian lives, POWs being sent to Canada by Britain, Italy still holds Britain responsible for not flying a POW flag as the German commander Gunter Prien, would then not have fired at it ) taken from alongside. Street scenes from Honolulu (cars, traders, etc), native surfers, Rowing boats ride the surf ,brief shot of local stream train, shots of sugar plantation (?) , close up of palm trees, veranda of a smart building, native fisherman demonstrating his methods, he untangle his net wades into the sea and casts, he then hauls in a number of fish, he then holds up an octopus or squid then bites its head off , he then gathers large lotus type flowers and two women and one man weaves them into arrangements, native dancers doing a nice hula hula dance etc, and shots of 'Halemaumau' volcano, with volcanic and geyser action.

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