Film: 5483

Feature Drama | 1950 | Sound | B/W


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a short film of a foreign correspondent in an unnamed repressive regime trying to smuggle out proof of the use of torture to extract political confessions from persecuted intellectuals, aided and abetted by a treacherous female double agent or spy 1950's

With David Niven (DN)

Huss University. DN & his friend Volpe meet with the Chancellor of the University, Dr Karpoldi. Dr Karpoldi explains that he has heard from a reliable source that he is about to be arrested. He knows he will crack under the methods used to extract confessions and fears that he will confess to treason. Dr Karpoldi gives DN a letter explaining the truth so that the world will know what is going on in the country. DN and Volpe are due to leave for Paris and promise to take the letter even though it may be dangerous. Volpe photographs the letter so there are 2 copies. Volpe produces a negative. DN insists that he will carry both the letter and the negative so that Volpe will be safe. Volpe goes to check the tickets for their trip to Paris. An undercover agent gives the officer in charge of reservaations a nod. The officer says that there are no tickets and there are no places. Volpe telephones DN but is dragged away by the police.
DN meets with his love interest Krista. She says she has heard a rumour that DN has a letter from the Chancellor. He becomes suspicious. She cries on his shoulder. She steels what she thinks is the letter from his pocket but in fact she has taken a hankerchief. She leaves. DN hides the letter in between two sheets of paper and places it in a typewriter. Police break the door down. DN escapes out of the window. Police search the room but fail to notice the typewriter. DN gets into a cab and asks to go to the American Embassy. Cab does not go there DN jumps out of the cab. Night. DN breaks into the room of a colleague, another foreign correspondant. Friend says the rooms of all correspondance have been searched for the letter. It is too dangerous and his friend will not help. DN goes back to his apartment. Krista is waiting there. She says it is his last chance. She asks for the letter. He refuses. Police break door down. He refuses to give the letter. The police chief brings Dr Karpoldi in. The Dr says that he is guilty of treason and that the letter was to try to mislead the world. He repeatly says his is guilty and that the letter is a pack of lies. DN does not know whether the Dr is under duress. He does not know what to do. The Dr insists that he is guilty and that the letter is a lie. DN gives up the letter. The police and Krista take DN to the airport to send him to Paris. His friend Volpe has already been sent to Paris. DN says goodbye to Krista and snatches his hankerchief from her pocket. He searches for the negative he hid in the hankerchief. Krista has it. She realizes the error of her ways and gives DN the negative so he can tell the world about this evil regime.

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