Film: 5488

Industry + Work | 1960 | Sound | Colour


Celebration of the range and technological developments of Japanese Honda production and its wide applications 1960's

Inventive title graphics. Begins with close-ups of world's smallest 4-stroke engines and brief clips of Honda victories in 1966 Motor Cycle Grand Prix World Championships, Formula 1 Mexican Grand Prix and in Formula II racing. President Honda himself seen at the Honda Research and Development Company testing out the engine designs for a Formula 1 car for himself. Many interior shots of the "Design Centre" where Dynamometers, Low temperature laboratories, tests for engine noise, exhaust emissions etc. are seen. Moves on to manufacture of machine parts where extent of Japanese mass automation processes are highlighted. Shots of body frames being painted, chrome plating, engine building, assembly lines. Complete bikes seen being assembled and tested. Brief visits to Suzuki and Hamaamatsu factories (motorbikes) and then Saitama and sayama (automobiles and trucks). Various products shown in action, including farm tillers, go-carts, amusement park rides etc. Better figures for manufacture over other countries celebrated. Shows products packed for export. "Honda has become a way of life".

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