Film: 5489

Railways | 1960 | Sound | Colour


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Railways in India and France. The SNCF provides training and equipment for the development of India's railways 1960's

really good people hanging off the side of a moving train, Indian Locomotives

Outside of a train station, a large bridge goes into the station, rickshaw drivers and ox carts. One man drives a carriage pulled by a horse. A green public bus with advertisements in English. Another rickshaw driver running down the street pulling a passenger. A train platform, with a steam train puffing out smoke. A cow grazes between the rails in the train yard. Fantastic shot of a steam train coming towards us, it is absolutely covered with men holding onto the doors and windows outside it. Moving, the train platform crowded with people and goods. More shots of the train packed with people, inside and out. A Boeing 707 Intercontinental on the tarmac in Paris airport. Passenger walk up the mobile stairs. The plane takes off. Over the roofs of houses. Amp of France, the middle east and then India. Two men at a very large electrical control panel. They take out and put in connections. They consult charts and turn dials and press buttons. Graph lines on a screen change as a dial is turned. They add notes and numbers to a chart. Three other men at a different machine, used to measure or do readings on something. A map of a specific railway line. A graph of the gradient of one of the lines. A meeting table of men with suits on, all Europeans, no Indians. And engineering drafting room, men at work at their drafting boards. Making blue prints for electrical parts of the train. Building the electric locomotive. Close-up of the wheels. Fitting the outside carriage onto the wheel box. Putting all the parts in place. The finished product. Fitting the front grill on the locomotive. Fitting a fan in the drives carriage. The Indian Railways electric train engine on the tracks. All of the internal working parts of the electric train engine.
One of the engines in the workshop,, two men in suits inspect it. All the labels and instructions are in French on the gauges. Frenchmen give their Indian counterparts tours of the factory. Training, a school room with the Indian directors at tables and the teachers with a pointer at the black board. Explanations of switches and changing racks and different apparatus. The demonstration car in the train yard. More instruction. Learning how to drive the train. Learning how to connect the arm to the wires. The men take turns driving the locomotive, two men switch at the wheel. Strasbourg station in France. Aerial view of Strasbourg with snow covering all the rooftops. The electric train driving through the snowy countryside.
Painting the carriages. Painting out the 'Indian Railways Electrification' on the side of the train. Loading the carriages and locomotives onto a ship. The captain and all of the railway men watch as the car is carefully lowered to the deck of the ship. Unloading the cars at the docks in India. The power stations along the tracks that will power the trains. The newly painted up and running Indian Railways electrified locomotive pulling cars filled with gravel or coal.

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