Film: 549

Industry + Work | 1970 | Sound | Colour


A heavy going milk production film aimed at milkmen 1970's

Electric guitar music 'Shaft' style. Driving to Cardiff on the motorway. Point of view the driver looking out of the front window. BMW car pulls up outside 'Dinas Post Office Powys' a small such post office. Man in driving jacket, double-breasted in camel, and walks through a park. He talks to camera and says this is Dinas Powys Village just outside Cardiff, South Wales. House of Mrs. Audrey Lewis at 2 Gracey Road, he's going to say hello. A cottage on a quiet street. He knocks on the door. Mrs. Lewis is a very neatly dressed middle-aged woman. She wear a navy dress with big white bow. She won a big competition. She talks about how it felt. She won a £1,500 kitchen but she took the money instead and bought some appliances (this is quite funny !). A milk float drives up at the gate as they talk. It's the milkman. He walks up the path with a load of milk. This milkman got some of Mrs. Lewis' money because he helped her win by giving her the competition leaflet. The interviewer explains that the milkman also benefited in bonus money for the extra milk he sold. The interviewer explains the new competition and shows them the leaflet. This is all done on the doorstep. The three of them walk together. A close-up and description of the competition. Prizes leaflet. £1,500 cash prize. A new patio with garden furniture and a fountain is shown. A television stand in the corner of a stark living room on its own. It's not switched on, nice long shot. Close-up of Dansette stereo system with record player and speakers with a record turning. 1970's woman stands at an ironing board and ironing, looking inexplicably happy. Close-up of the iron. The marketing of the competition is shown, leaflets, float stickers, etc. Prizes to the milkman as well. Big figures appear on the screen. £25 and £10 on coloured background. Also £60,000 on the screen. Close-up of six bottles of milk in a doorstep. Milkman says he aims to talk to his customers. There's a procedure for when people are on holiday. Interviewer asks if Mrs. Lewis is told by her milkman about the value of milk. The interviewer, talking directly to the camera, his audience being the milkman. A recap of what's been said already. Close-up of a aerial, two copies of Radio Times and TV Times. Milkman returns to his float. Milk-float still and money floating down superimposed on top.

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