Film: 5498

History | 1960 | Sound | Colour


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Professor Higlet. Dramatization of the main elements of the Homeric Epic. Actors wear togas, cloaks and carry swords.The Odyssey by Homer 1960's

Seascapes with an ancient Greek boat, trireme at sea ( model ). Professor Highet to camera. Wild seas, painting of a ship wreck. Man dressed as the god Zeus with other gods and goddesses. Painting depicting the fall of Troy, a city being sacked. Nestor and Telemachus talk about the Trojan War. King Agamemnon in the underworld describes his murder by Queen Clytemnestra. The house of Odysseus on Ithaca where the suitors of Queen Penelope feast (Roman orgy style). An ancient banquet. Telemachus appeals for them to leave. He gives speech to group of men in a very theatrical fashion. Penelope works on a tapestry by day and unpicks it at night. The gods discuss Odysseus. Odysseus at a banquet tells of the fall and destruction of Troy. Back to Ithaca.

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