Film: 550

Railways | 1950 | Silent | B/W


An SLS tour of the railways of the Forest of Dean on the joint Severn and Wye line, visiting Lydney Town and Lydney Junction, Gloucestershire 1950's

Locomotives consist of two GWR pannier tank engines. Railway train enthusiasts.
Man manually operates level crossing gates. The 'SLS Special' train passes through. The engine is in the middle of the train of two carriages. Very long shot of train travelling towards camera through a long S-bend. Train moves away from camera position. Sign for Lydney junction. Train slowly steams round a bend putting out quite a lot of black smoke. Engine is shunting one carriage and pulling two carriages. It passes through station. Lydney Town station sign. People on the train crowded at every window to look out. Other shots show engine, two carriages, engine and carriage as train steam past many enthusiasts. Train climbing a gradient up a wooded valley. First engine is number 8701 as the train slowly passes the camera position. Stationary engine and man removes 'SLS Special' board from front of train. Close up of number of other locomotive, number 6437. Nice shot of railway worker climbing a ladder to water tower (?) behind the steaming engine. He stands on top of engine and adjusts something on the roof. The very full train slowly steams past camera position two or three times. Driver of stationary engine accepts staff from other railway worker. A couple of carriages, engine and last carriage passing through a level crossing, a car waiting.

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