Film: 5502

War + Military | 1930 | Sound | B/W


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A review of the events of the 1930's.

Soldiers march through mountain range on horseback, carts, League of Nations. 1937, barracks training parade, soldiers on horseback play instruments, beefeater, crown, Edward Duke of Windsor, woman stitches coronation coat of arms, flags hang above streets. Men in bowler hats.
US President gives speech in rain, crowd with umbrellas.
Battleships, Adolf Hitler on bridge. Spanish Civil War. Madrid, huge bomb crater, wrecked building, sandbag in street, Spanish propaganda posters, people digging through rubble, soldiers firing guns cannoning, bi-plane takes off, marching in bull-ring, Indian soldiers, woman paints, comedians cook in streets, ack-ack guns being demonstrated. Sino Japanese war. China, oriental ships in harbour, woman pushed pram in Shanghai. Various shots of Japanese people and leaders, Japanese troops, Japanese troops, Japanese ships off coast of China. Guns fire, troops alight, Japanese troops with tanks, Battle of Shanghai, armoured cars, Chinese people flood into British settlement, planes drop bombs, closing settlement gates, Japanese troops march into China, fighting, train carrying white flag, soldiers with binoculars, European Leaders in Shanghai, fighting in China, troops carry Japanese Flag, many shots of troops marching, lorries, Great Wall of China, U.S. ship defends itself, against Japanese bombers, ship sinks, injured troop, Roosevelt, German soldiers in trenches, swastika flag, autobahn-children waving, Hindenburg Airship, explosion, League of Nations, troops, tanks, soldiers fleeing, Japanese troops raising flags, coronation procession, Japanese at Mikado, salute National Anthem, Westminster Abbey- interior bishops, Coronation of George VI.
Hitler, crown salutes, street procession, motorbikes, in Nazi Germany, fireworks etc., crowd cheering Hitler on balcony.
Concise footage of start of WWII.

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