Film: 5504

Art + Architecture | 1950 | Sound | B/W


Making living as artist. Painters at work. Bronze sculpture. Interior of Petworth House. Portraits and landscapes 1950's

Pan across skyline of industrial town, slum housing. Tate Gallery interior? Artists arriving with work for exhibition at the Royal Academy. Life drawing classes at the Slade School of Art. Art student walking by river. At work in his flat. Trying to find gallery to exhibit paintings. Keith Vaughan. Book illustrations. Set designs. Artists' posters inside café'. Illustration used in advertising. Artist smokes pipe as he paints. Weaving tapestries. Patrick Heron. Arts Council of Great Britain external and internal. Paintings aboard luxury liner. Time Life building. Bond Street. School children look at paintings. Children's' art lessons. Bath Academy. Modern art represents Christian images. Painting a mural. Burlington House Exhibition. The world's end Pub (in Chelsea?). Children's dance class - they run round in circle. Sculptor welds, and when stops light a cigarette. Bearded artist John Jones. Tate Gallery exteriors.
Livelihood of artists. Economic and employment considerations.
Workshop/studio shots of artist at work, sculptors and painters. Several shots of three sculptures by Jacob Epstein. Pepworth House, Sussex. Paintings on walls of long gallery, including Turner: The Thames at Eton. Jumble of paintings stacked against walls. Long shot of deer in Pepworth Park, views of grounds, river and house. Closing of estate doors.
Pan of industrial city-scape. City scene of buses then several galleries. Rodrigo Moynahan painting portrait of female. View of Royal Academy front and statue of Joshua Reynolds. Artists arriving with paintings for Royal Academy summer show. Paintings stacked against wall, viewing by selection committee. Several views of exhibition and audience. John Jones studying at Slade School of Art. Slade sculpture studios and drawing classes. Jones walking London streets, past Worlds End pub. Preparing canvases in his room. Taking his paintings to small London galleries. Shots of Roland, Browse and Delbanco Gallery, Hanover Gallery, Redfern Gallery, Leicester Galleries, The Lefevre Gallery and Beaux Arts Gallery. View of several paintings inside. Keith Vaughan painting and various shots of his canvases. John Piper completing pen and ink drawing, shots of his studio, oil paintings and theatrical models. Studio of the Edinbourgh Tapestry Company, weavers at loom. Sculptor Reg Butler outside with blowtorch on sculpture. Having cigarette in studio, talking about his life as a sculptor. Interview with art collector Peter Mayor. Painter Patrick Heron with pipe at work in studio. Inside the Arts Council of Great Britain: exhibition and office rooms. Exhibition of Mexican art at Tate Gallery, shot of exhibition poster and exhibition. Packing crates for overseas exhibition at the British Council. Hall and rooms of a Scarborough hotel with contemporary art on walls. Corporate commissions; painting by Edward Gordon and Douglas Adams. Time Life offices, Bond Street. Office and conference rooms and works inside including Henry Moore. Henry Moore bronze sculpture; Family Group, in grounds of Hertfordshire school. A painter at work in a school with children watching. Long shot of completed painting, school children doing P.E. in foreground, art classes in same school (painting). Students cycling towards Bath Academy Art School. Interview with Clifford Ellis, its principal. Studios in art school (sculpture), teacher and student using a chisel. Close ups of clay work, printing, painting. Shots of various sculptures entered for competition for a monument to the unknown political prisoner. View of sculpture Madonna and Child by Jacob Epstein, commissioned by church. Crucifix, painting by Graham Sutherland inside church. Sculptures Mother and Child, and Crucifix by Henry Moore. A painter at work on large mural against wall of house.

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