Film: 5505

Industry + Work | 1970 | Sound | Colour


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An informative aid for managers and supervisors in Business on the importance of working together 1970's

The film is constructed as a fictional narrative, that depicts the flaws and lack of communications that occur and suggests ways of solving these issues. A lovely piece of film, with it's convincing acting and recognized English actors.

In a factory, close up of round red sweets, wrapped up in clear plastic being pushed by a machine onto a conveyor belt. Row upon row of biscuits being shuffled along conveyor belts, helped by a gloved hand. The biscuits coming off the conveyor belt and falling into columns. A printing machine, printing labels of some kind. Two large cylinders turning around with plastic circles attached to them. Rows of plastic discs moving along a large conveyor belt. More biscuits being shuffled along a conveyer belt. Lots of little red sweets moving along a conveyor belt. Packaged boxes of ' chocolate digestives' spinning around on some kind of machine. Fork lift trucks moving packaged boxes about. Forklift trucks whizzing by the camera. More fork lift trucks moving about in the warehouse.

' Rank Aldis presents'. ' Manager and supervisors No 1, 'You've got your job, I've got mine'. Man in an office wearing a black suit and red tie, on the telephone nodding his head and writing things down, voice over: ' this is the story of a manager, Brian Mullen and his for supervisors'. A man in a white hat and coat, standing next to packaged boxes with a clipboard in his hand, he is called ' Andy'. A woman in a pink shirt sitting at her desk, she's called Liz, a man stands over her shoulder listening t her talk. A man in a blue shirt overlooking a woman on the computer, he's called 'Paul'. A man sitting at a desk, surrounded by papers, he's called 'Dave Fletcher'.

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