Film: 5507

Farming + Rural Life | 1970 | Sound | Colour


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Llanfair Caereinion Powys, Wales, farming family sheep farming Rounding up the sheep. Children in the country 1970's

The Andrew family are walking in their farmland overlooking Llanfair Caereinion in Powys. David and Pat Andrew explain that they are living in a Static Caravan whilst a permanent home for their family is being built.
2.32ss:- Pat Andrew is busy feeding a lamb from a bottle with other lambs waiting their turn.
David Andrew gives potted family history of their life to date.
3m20ss:- Pat Andrew recalls visit to Vet for a sick sheep that needed an operation and although she couldn’t watch it Roger the elder son was quite happy to stay and watch it through, only asking why she was going out of room to which she replied to look after Stuart the younger son. Roger has also watched lambs being born and shaken to start them breathing he joined in with stroking them when they were still slimy not at all fazed by it all.
4m02ss:- Roger is seen playing with ordinary toys. Pat recalls trying to catch a Cockerel when he urges her on saying you must catch it then chop its head off and feather him then put him in the oven. He had no worries about killing it and enjoys eating chicken.
4m50ss:- A batch of baby chicks with boys sorting out feed for them.
5m35ss:- A fun way to get about the farm with David drives a tractor with box trailer containing Pat two boys and a dog.
6m39ss:- Family walks into field of cattle where sheepdog controls them.
There is beautiful scenery throughout this film.
8m20ss:- Taking the boys to the local playgroup in order that they may learn to mix with other children and learn about life away from the farm with animals for company.
9m30ss:- An overall picture of the playgroup enjoying playing and integrating with each other. Here they learn to share and mix with other children
10m43ss:- Little girl in dressing-up section struggling to get high heeled shoe on.
14m13ss:- Another child tries on hats. Both these scenes are delightful cameos of children happily enjoying themselves.
Brian the younger boy is not sure about it yet and tends to stick close to his brother. This is quite common when the little ones first start but they soon get used to the different environment and sometimes need persuading to go home at the end of their session.
18m51ss:-Back on the farm and picking mushrooms and generally helping, the children are happy.
20m00ss:- Pat explains the children are great friends and chat away and usually play well together.
20m16ss:- Like most children they do have their disagreements and this scene shows them on a narrow path with their toy tractors meeting in the middle going in different directions, tears and temper give way to Roger lifting his tractor round the path and Brian carrying on happy again.
21m20ss:- Like most parents Pat does find it hard work at times with the eternal question “Why” featuring in most conversations.

21m37ss:- David explains the help that they give him around the farm.
22m00ss:- Pat recalls how she went to college in town but soon decided she preferred country living and is far happier on the farm than shopping in town.
22m14ss:- Old farm machinery is a toy to be played with for the boys.
23m15ss:- Rounding up the sheep prior to branding is a family affair and they all join in.
26m20ss:- Brian is exhausted and takes a well deserved rest in the caravan where even the dog can’t persuade him to play.
The film ends with David strolling over his domain with the satisfaction of a contented man.
28m18ss:-THE END

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