Film: 5513

Industry + Work | 1950 | Silent | B/W


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Smiths Industries in Scotland in Carfin, Suburb of Glasgow.

Steam train pulling coal laden trains. Lift mechanism at coal mine, coal miners. Terraced housing, men in overcoats. Trains pulling carriages with metal rods in them. Man putting bricks into wheelbarrow. Factory under construction. The finished factory with van outside. Clock components laid out on cloth. They are put together to make up clock. Men working at factory benches with overalls and ties. Racks of metal rods on display. Male chemist heating liquid over Bunsen burner. chemicals in bottles in front of him. Suited men using microscopes. Man measuring long metal strips. Factory machinery. The film is then made up of shots of components followed by the machines and processes that produce them. Men and women are involved in the production which not only includes shots of a large factory floor and machinery but also people weighing components, testing and quality checking. Production of chrome rims which are bathed in numerous bubbling baths by men and women clothed in rubber aprons. Testing of a part against stop watch. Women at long desk wearing white hats and overalls. Shot of woman's feet in socks operating machines. The production line, made up of women in which the clocks are put together and the racks and racks of clocks in the closing stages of the film (at this point the film is in colour hence there is a myriad of colours here).

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