Film: 5522

Railways | 1960 | Sound | B/W


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History of Steam Locomotive and railway history on film.
Compilation of railway films, from the Lumiere train of 1895 to the Flying Scotsman's anniversary run in 1968. A compilation which begins with the famous Lumiere train of 1895, and includes excerpts from 'the Hazards of Helen', 'Enginemen' Black Diamond Express, and 'Black Five', a film dealing with the last days of steam on British Railways.
Kitchener Special. Johnson spinner train in Derbyshire dales circa 1905.
Helen Holmes and the Hazards of Helen. Men fight with locomotive backdrop - U.S. railroads. Darlington Centenary show. LNER experimental locomotive 10000.
Coronation Scot.
1914 The Wreck for Vitagraph in America. Runaway engine crashes into loose train in which drunken driver is in charge. Driver and fireman fight. Can't change the points in time.
Juggernaut. The train comes off a wooden viaduct and crashes into river. Excellent melodramatic collapse from a man watching the crash. People get out of wreck in water.
1928, U.K. and The Wrecker. Train crashes into a steam lorry on the tracks. Survivors get out.
British film The Silent Passenger from 1936. Men fight in inspection pit as locomotive rolls overhead.
1932 Leek and Manifold light railway.
Enginemen 1959 from Newton Heath near Manchester. Turning an engine on a turntable. Cleaning out the smoke box. Riddling smoke box on loco.

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