Film: 5523

Canals + Waterways | 1950 | Sound | Colour


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The opening scenes show a view across parkland waters with a fountain the foreground and buildings behind. Children splashing in water. A carrot being peeled over sink with the tap running. Boy brushing teeth. Hands in rubber gloves washing a cup under a running tap. Woman in shower. Man watering garden with a hose. Car being washed by hand with hose. Car goes through an automated car wash. Industrial chimneys behind barbed wire fence. Welding. Furnace. Swans on a river.
01 m.15ss:- A stone figure of “Old Father Thames reclining on embankment at St.Johns Lechlade Loch. View of rural river Thames, a bridge, waterside house, rural streams, pleasure boats on Thames.
The tranquil waters of Henley Windsor and Reading, pleasure boats, Windsor Castle in background.
Pumping Station and storage reservoir at Hampton. Aerial view of water reservoirs near London Airport. View of a dry tributary during drought. Cracked river bed. Bridge over a dry stream. Water flowing from a reservoir. Thames Water Authority Headquarters at Reading. Exterior building shots. Interior footage of workers viewing and discussing wall charts and maps. Building of reservoir at Farmoor Oxfordshire. Diagrams explain how aquifers work. White Landrover driving along rural roads and lanes. Berkshire Downs Map. Village of Lambourne, horses being ridden down the street.
Underground Borehole Water Table graph showing boreholes and their uses. Two men discuss plans and maps in an office. Model of Seven Well Fields. Mock up of computer system in an office that will eventually controls the input and output flow of water anywhere in the system. A man monitors the equipment tests. Close up of computer drawing a line on a graph, automated plotter. A gauging weir.
Outside water checking equipment is checked and inspected. Chieveley weather station. Thames Conservancy at work with pond nets checking on the ecology of the waterways. Measuring fish and removing scales to check on health of river fish. Reading view from the Thames, camera pans around to Water Authority head office building. Workers inside the office stand over maps and plans across a desk. Rural view in the Berkshire Downs. Borehole being dug in corner of a field. Drilling shafts. Men in hard hats, lots of heavy machinery. Work continues at night. Lots of mud stuck to equipment. Hydrochloric acid used to clean pipes.
Test pumping carried out. 7m43ss:- Video cameras are used to relay results to Geologists with details of over 60 Boreholes and with core material taken for examination. Sign Institute of Geological Service Thames Conservancy on a portacabin wall. More observation boreholes being sunk. Core samples labelled and packed for testing. View across fields in Berkshire Downs. A private borehole being checked. Surveyor in a field plotting pipeline paths with a theodolite. Water pipe segments laid out in a line along field boundary. Machine lifts pipes into a ditch. Close ups of machinery operator, bulldozer driver. Lengths of pipeline on the back of a large truck being delivered to site. Small crane lifts the pipes off the truck. Construction of wire fencing with wooden fence posts. Tractor used to pull the wire tight. Man pins wire to fence posts. Bulldozer digs trench. Village roadworks with temporary traffic lights. Surveyors using a theodolite. Pipework being laid in the road, men work in a deep trench. Pipe being laid through open countryside. Close ups of bulldozer operator. Men in the trenches connect the lengths of pipe. Supervisors in suits oversee the work. Plastic pipes being laid by large machinery. Sonic testing equipment being used in a grid mapped out on the pipes. Back filling of pipe trenches, men with shovels as well as bulldozers doing the work in white chalky soil. View of a field of sheep, camera pans around to the machinery levelling off the soil above the pipeline. Close up of man’s face wearing dark sunglasses. Horse and rider passes the pipe laying site. Open field where work has finished and vegetation grows back over previously dug up ground. Concrete access pits for pipe inspections. Use of a PIG, a plug in foam rubber, is forced through the pipework by water pressure to ensure the pipes are clean and clear. Attwood crane assists with the construction of pumping stations. Pumps are lowered into the boreholes. Housing above observation boreholes to hold equipment for monitoring operation of the boreholes. Looks like a little shed in a field. Radio equipment is used to trace water through pipes and thus discover any blockage that might have developed. People cross the road carrying aerials, detecting devices. Close up of detecting device as it is walked through a field. Electrolocation Ltd.
Trees and haystacks disguise inspection pits along the pipeline. Well field commissioning, mobile van unit laden with equipment sets up boreholes. Landrover. Close up of borehole pump in its inspection pit, men monitor gauges. Water from aquifers starting their journey along the stream bed to the river Thames. Man in suit unlocks and enters a pumping station facility. Man presses button on panel. Close up view of man and then of gauges. Water testing. Water flowing. Small outlets releasing water into system. Reading University ecologists make checks on the effects to the river ecology. Woman with clipboard. Radio masts. View back to the dry stream bed from earlier. Contrasting view of stream bed now full of water. Thatched cottage by a stream. Close up of clear water. Pretty rural water scenes, flowers, pleasure boats, grassy banks of streams.

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