Film: 5529

Social History | 1960 | Sound | Colour


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Youth clubs for the disabled or handicapped. both mentally or physically handicapped, but most of the teenagers and twenty year olds appear mentally handicapped. Some Down's Syndrome. Set in several youth clubs in and around London / Home Counties. Evening in a youth club - dancing, playing games such as Lotto or bingo, card playing, ping pong, dancing, playing ball games, basket making, a vicar playing snooker, a percussion group in Bromley, where lots of teenagers hit tambourines and triangles, whilst accompanied on the piano. Indoor filming in operation. Outside activity on sunny day includes playing with ball - piggy in the middle, jumping over ball, cricket, plus a sports' day - running races, potato race, egg and spoon race, a hurdles race (jumping over ropes), wheelbarrow race, football, sack races (in clear plastic bags), and three legged race. The girls and women wear great voluminous skirts - good for late 1950's fashions. Ends with strange shot of outstretched hand in front on map of the world.

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