Film: 5532

Newsreels + Film Magazines | 1950 | Sound | B/W


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Rather good Canadian programme with views on the world: 1959 British General Election. Baseball's World Series. Democracy in Laos.
General Election: Harold MacMillan. Hugh Gaitskell. Printing presses and the Conservative Party manifesto. Nye Bevan making an outdoor speech - 'Now that Mr MacMillan claims that we are more prosperous than ever we were, why haven't the charges been removed?' Printing presses producing posters for Jo Grimond's Liberal Party. Talk of marginal constituencies, notably Faversham, which Labour won at the previous election by 39 votes. Man cycles past black and white thatched cottages. Cheerful hop-pickers at the end of their shift or work. Women with children. In town street sweeper pushes barrow across quiet street. Papermills of Sittingbourne. Labour Part poster with four points: Full employment; ban on H-tests; half-pay pensions; no more health charges. The Labour MP Wells is interviewed - for him the biggest issue is the H-bomb. Conservative Candidate is Mrs Elsie Olsen. Housewife and mother of four. Her door to door canvassing. Interviewed, she thinks she has a very good chance of winning, because people want to remain prosperous under the Tories. Her issues are Nationalisation, pensions, their general record on housing, education. Foreign affairs not so important. No prejudice against her, on the contrary the women are backing her.
The World Series. Opinion of U.S. journalist who isn't interested in the Baseball World Series.
Laos. Capital is Vientiane. Trip in canoe. Town, cycling. People congregate and sit down. Market stalls. Buddhist monks. Large Buddhist shrine. Consumerism - fashion, cars, jars of 'choice American delicacies', European wine. Talk of corruption of local officials. American military aid. Recruitment drive in the military to fight communists. Signs refer to the United Nations observers team. Welfare ministry putting school project into practice. Children run round in circle on grass in a village. Village headman. Laotians receive more American aid per capita than anywhere else. Caged birds next to food preparation. Laotian paratroopers drop from aircraft. Landing, close up of soldier. Villager fishing with large net. In canoe on Mekong River. Passing two Laotians in a canoe. Winnowing. Lao families and babies.
Close with the news headlines - Soviets have launched a rocket to circle the moon.
Fire at a factory in England at Chatterton / Chadderton which turns out nuclear bombers for the R.A.F.
U.S. steel unions meeting at Pittsburgh. Canadian longshoremen won't work on any ship turned away from America.

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