Film: 5533

Art + Architecture | 1940 | Sound | B/W


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The sculptor Auguste Rodin (film made in France during World War Two). Paris, views of Notre Dame. Horses in open stable. Close up of hands of artist, ostensibly Rodin sorting through sketches. Various sculptures. Busts. Closing gates of large building, possibly a museum or gallery. Close up of hands chiselling a block of stone into a bust shape. The Man with the Broken Nose. Still photographic portrait of couple (Rodin and Rose Beuret?). Person praying in big church in front of large round stained glass window. Focus on praying hands - these move apart and then merge into a shot of hands moulding a clay bust. Hands chiselling. Close up of woman's hands fingering the leaves of a picked rose stem. Man's ands tenderly envelope hers. Bust of woman. Hands preparing to wash up dishes in a bowl of steaming water which rests on a surface. A rang of busts of clay modlled women, most sporting garlands of flowers in classical theme. Good point of view along rail tracks and side shot of part of passin railway train. An Italian city? Houses on bridge over river. The Alps. Sculptures of angels on a church or cathedral? Sheep on an alp, snowy mountains n the background. Some works from San Lorenzo. Bronze of man standing with hand on his head, this is rotated so we can see its shadow and the work itself.
Heading 'Dante' - close up of hand modelling clay model. Vaious takes on 'The Thinker'. Large sculpture of tree men with heads bowed. 'The Kiss' is shown for 30 seconds - slow zoom in, and zoom out and flmed from 3 different angles. 'The Burghers of Calais'.
What is supposed to be the studio of Rodin. Country house. Several still photos of him. With Rose? Stills of Rodin with some of his sculptures, including the base of what looks like 'The Thinker'. Row of spines of leatherbound books on a library shelf. A large country house with a frieze by Rodin incorporated at the apex. The gardens, woods and several views of this building. It is the Musee Rodin. Close up of older man's hand sketching - nicely merges into sideways portrait still of Rodin sketching. Still of rodin examining a small figurine. More stills. Some of Rodin's sketches. Statues - two different ones of couple kissing. Sculpture of hands.
Rodin or actor or still of Rodin lying peacefully after death.

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