Film: 5537

Geography | 1950 | Sound | Colour


A guide to the variety of East Anglia (in England) 's geography, agriculture, industry and scenery.

Title over tractors ploughing fields. Map of lower Britain, East Anglia shaded as an area of most sunshine and least rain. Closer - East Anglia: the part known as 'High Anglia' (heavy soil formed from clay). An old fashioned tractor ploughs a muddy field. Closer, the tractor's caterpillar tracks and plough. The furrows left by the plough. On a flatter field, a tractor and seeding machine distribute seeds. A field of cereal. Another. Farm labourers work in a sugar-beet field in front of a church. Closer, a hoe working the soil. Similar. A field of barley. Closer. Wheat. A combine harvester at work. Closer as it harvests the crop. The cereal is filtered through a pipe. Chaff is deposited out of the back of the combine. Wider shot. Cereal is transferred between the combine and sacks on a lorry. A labourer fills his sack. A farmer drives a tractor pulling a cart of sacks (commentary informs us that they are filled with barley). A lorryful of barley (?) sacks drives into a brewery or farm. Huge silos where wheat is stored. A workman unloads sacks from a lorry.

Two tractors ride side by side to harvest sugar-beet. Closer - one tractor gathers the beet, and conveys it into the back of the other tractor. Where one person sorts good from bad. The tractors seen from behind. Two lorries laden with sugar-beet drive into a factory or industrial estate. A lorry tips out its bet. Trucks have poured out a small mountain of beet. Beet pulp (to be used for cattle feed) - it fills several train wagon trucks. Lorries leave the factory with sugar filled sacks. 'British Sugar Corporation' trucks with liquid sugar drive off. A cloth capped farmer loads beet waste (the leaves chopped off by the combine, to be used for animal silage). Similar.

Calves in a farm yard. A farmer shovels manure onto a horse and cart. Closer. A muck spreader showers muck over a ploughed field. Labourers pour fertiliser from sacks into old machines or contraptions for spreading. A herd of Suffolk red cows. Closer. Friesian and other cattle walk along a lane. They amble past a farmer or labourer standing by a door. A cow enters the milking shed. Milk urns on the back of a lorry. Map of East Anglia again, this time highlighting areas of sandy soil - the Brecklands and the Sandlings. An example of such countryside - once barren heathland, now areas have been taken over by the Forestry Commission. A Forestry Commission sign for 'Tunstall Forest', pine or fir trees in the background. Another sign: 'Thetford Chase'. At a plant nursery, a nurseryman rolls back covers to look at conifers growing from seed. His hand inspects the seedlings. A forest road. Two foresters saw a tree. The tree falls down. One of the men lops off small branches with an axe. A lorry laden with conifer trunks drives away. In the Sandlings area, straw is gathered in a field. A tractor and machine dispense straw bales. A tractor pulls a roller over a soil field. Similar. A field of barley. Another cereal. A labourer collects potatoes in a wire basket. Close up of the basket and its contents. A tractor pulls a machine for digging up potatoes. A similar tractor at work, in reverse, possibly in a bean field. Green beans growing. Labourers gather cut beans (leaves and stems too) onto the back of a large machine which strips and shells them before they are sent away. The beans, shelled, all into a container. Closer, a labourer with cloth cap stacks crates of beans beside the sorting machine. A conveyor belt process at a local packing plant - all women workers wearing headscarves oversee the process. A male packer puts trays of boxed beans in a lift.

Sheep graze in a dry field or marshland. Similar. A farmer directs the sheep. A sheepdog brings up the rear. The sheep follow the farmer or shepherd onto marshland. Map of East Anglia, marshland highlighted, the most extensive area being the Broads. Marshland diked and drained to provide pasture for cows. Cows walk along a dike. Others graze. A man clambers inside a huge pump at a dike. Water flows down a channel. And in a stream through the marsh. A tractor ploughs a field beside a dike. Crop fields - good arable land from marshes, compared to Dutch polders.

A canal with barge and pleasure boats. Holiday makers on a small river pier, motor and rowing boats. Families and couples aboard moored cruisers. A cruiser and small sailing boats on the Broads. More of the latter. Pier and beach with holiday makers at Hunstanton. Similar, at Felixstowe. And Lowestoft. Deckchairs, families paddling. Shimmering sea, the tide in close against the esplanade. Sailing ships and jetty. Coastal erosion at Cromer. Similar at Dunwich. One gravestone is all that is left of Dunwich churchyard. The beach below. On the sand, some fragments of what was the church. But the sea has increased the land elsewhere by raising a shingle bar which has diverted the river Alde - the bar is called Orford Ness. A high aerial view of the Ness. A cranes carries a girder beside sea defences under construction. Concrete steps of the defences. The sea washing against them. A wooden, zig-zag shaped breakwater. The sea washing between the poles. Another breakwater. Heavy waves against concrete defences. Concrete with bits missing from the constant pounding.

East Anglian map again, showing the principal cities of Norwich, Ipswich and Bury St Edmunds, the resorts and ports of Cromer, Yarmouth, Lowestoft, Aldeburgh and Felixstowe, and rail and ferry routes. A quaint town street, medieval houses. Similar, church in distance. Another medieval church and churchyard. Another, larger. A medieval timber and plaster guildhall. Another - all testimony to the region's medieval prosperity from the wool trade. A modern, bustling street. Another, buses and bus queue. High view of a modern commercial street. Panorama of Norwich. Norwich Cathedral above the rooftops. The busy cattle market. Farmers looking at cows. A trader driving a cow. Cows passing through pens. Norwich's port, ships at anchor. Similar. Ipswich's port, small boats bobbing in the harbour. Grain mills on the wharf side. A flour sack is loaded into the back of a lorry. Grain is emptied through a tube. Chemical fertiliser factories on the wharf side. Foreign cargo vessels by the quay. A scoop lifts a ship's contents. Dockers carry sacks. A lorry of sacks. Workers walking up and down a street, more lorries laden with sacks. Interior of an Ipswich factory, all male workers. Closer. Agricultural machinery leaving a factory on a lorry. A weirdly shaped three-wheel crane (as manufactured in Ipswich).

Norwich factory interior where prefabricated building units are made. Similar. A lorry drives slowly out, absolutely laden with units. Another angle. Another slow lorry, carrying girders. A young man making shoes on a machine. Closer as he attaches soles. Another man smoothes the soles. Factory interior at Lowestoft - all women workers because it is 'light industry' (sexist) - they're making radar and radio equipment. Closer, one woman soldering electrics. Closer still. Other women working beside each other. A man tests the goods. Crane and ship in the Lowestoft shipyard. Welders at work. One of them. A trawler is christened and slips down the gangway watched by local dignitaries. And other crowds. Port with ships. Fishing trawlers at Yarmouth. And Lowestoft. A herring drifter comes into port to unload. And another. Yet another, seagulls following. The same or similar with even more gulls. Closer as it is moored. The catch is unloaded. A basket of fish on the quayside. The basket is unloaded and the fish packed with ice. Crates of fish. Crates are loaded into a refrigerated van. Another angle, small boys watching the men hard at work. A diesel train near the coast. Passengers leave the train at Harwich. And board a ferry for the continent. The ferry is unmoored. Passengers on deck, it moves off. The large ferry sails off.

Traditional countryside: church and rolling fields. A parish church beyond ploughed fields. Wheat field. Conifer forest. Heath land with visitors. Reclaimed marshland - cows grazing along a dike. Broads - pleasure boats on a river. The coast. A man filling a sack with cereal. Two men sawing a tree. A woman soldering electrical goods. Men loading crates of fish. Farmer on tractor. Its plough turning over the soil. Tractors working in tandem in a sugar-beet field. A cart tips sugar-beet in a huge pile. Barley. Wheat. Labourers hoeing a field, credits superimposed. Tractor and farmer scattering seeds.

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