Film: 5539

Social History | 1970 | Sound | Colour


Shelter and housing the homeless in Britain. Bad housing conditions, slums and council estates. Shelter Housing Organization.

(Still Pictures) Two children sit on a bed covered with a rough cloth, they look miserable and are dressed in rags. A woman and child in a tiny small kitchen, the walls are bare, a cooker and basin line the walls and a clothes line with a curtain hanging from it runs in front of the people. A woman with a small boy in her lap sits in a chair smoking, they are in a lounge beside a fireplaces, in front of which hangs clothes drying, the boy holds a box of Choco something, his face is very dirty. A tired looking mother with seven children in one room with a bed, all the children look very scruffy. A father with a child on his lap with a one falt (?), the father rests his head on his hand. A small girl in a dirty, filthy washroom, with a black bathtub and a toilet with no seat. A young boy in another bathroom in a similar condition. A young mother with a child in a one room flat with a chair, a cooker, and a basin. An older woman in a kitchen, a table with rudiments of meal on it, a bottle of milk. A child sleeps with a thin blanket covering it on a sofa. Titles.
Row houses in an industrial town, smoke comes out of one of the chimneys. The black roofs of row houses, a factory in the distance, then the entire housing estate with the same black roofs. Possibly Sheffield? Another housing estate, passing by rows and rows of the same houses. Children play outside on the cobblestones, girl skips rope. In a back alley, laundry hangs in the sun to dry. (Still picture) of an elderly lady with a cane in a black dress and an apron in cobble road. 'Shelter' (still picture) a child rests his head on his arm.
A woman in a red dress sits at a counter with head phones on, he presses buttons on a key pad as she answers and transfers telephone calls. IN a waiting room, adults read as a young girl and a baby ride a rocking horse in the middle of the floor. Shelter Housing Aid centre. London Housing Aid Centre. A employee works with a family with one child. A woman at a desk talks on the phone and writes at the same time, the telephone propped between her chin and shoulder. Another woman talks on the phone. Shelter Housing Aid Centre director Father Burns?, out of clerical garb, sits on a desk and talks about the centre. A man on the phone. The waiting room, with children playing. Overhead view of an open office, three people at their desks. Audrey Humbly? Talks about eviction prevention. A girl on the phone with a ledger in front of her. 'for sale' and under offer signs. A row of houses. Another road of houses with for sale signs. A sidewalk pavement with comfortable houses with gardens behind low walls. A photo of the same development when it was first built. A house advertisement, ' Enfield, post war det. , 2 rec, 3 beds, C HTNG, K & B, £25000, GGE.' Another house advert for a place in St. Barnet. A couple talk outside on the pavement about their hopes to buy a house. More for sale signs. House agents and building society signs. Various different council flat buildings, some in south London, mostly brick, big and incredibly ugly. On a balcony of council flat an elderly woman hangs out her laundry. David Miles?, shelter man in Liverpool talks about the demand and then the lack of housing. Good view of Birmingham?, different shots of the exterior of converted apartments. Crystal bates, Shelter's Regional Organizer. The exterior stairs of row houses. A close up of a doorbell. David Miles talks. Black children play outside on the pavement. A rotating view looking up at council tenements. An aerial view of a concrete city. A family, Mom dad and two children , walks up the sidewalk, the father carries suitcases and the mother pushes a stroller. A man leans and a woman sits in a doorway. A black woman pushes a pram another black woman carry a baby and a white woman walks with them up a hill. Children run through an archway in the sidewalk pavement. A child runs along a paved road at the foot of tenement buildings. Children look out of a narrow window. Children play outside the tenement buildings. A man talks about how his children are not safe to play outside. The concrete housing development. A girl sits on the balcony of an apartment. Three children walk on the pavement. A man with fantastic sideburns talks about the hopelessness of the housing. Another man with no shirt on talks beside some hanging laundry. Another view of the concrete playground. Another rotating view of tenements. The waiting room again, most mothers with young babies. A young couple with their children on a park bench, the man talks about living with in-laws and being chucked out and having to live in bed and breakfast. A woman fills a kettle in a narrow sink. A father reads the newspaper at a table with his young child on his knee, another child sits on another bed close up on the youngest, Sarah, on her father's knee, she has spina bifida. A young child in her room, a doll on her bunk bed. Sarah's mother talk, constantly fingering her shirt. View down a flight of stairs. Mrs. Harris, washes things in a tiny sink on a stair landing. Rudimentary bare utility fixtures and water pipes. A for sale sign outside the window. Mrs. Harris outside with the for sale sign. Sub-standard housing, housing estate, company houses with small yards out back and alleyways. Women walk along a dirty pavement. Children play in the street. Bare hallways, peeling paint. Bare light bulbs, hanging from holes in the ceiling. David Shawmendy, Shelter Health Inspection officer talks to a tenant. David looks in a kitchen and points out the damages from dampness and humidity, lots of touching walls and peeling wallpaper. He illustrates the unevenness of the floor by rolling a can of tomatoes on it and looks at the ruin of a window. Wood pours out of a dump truck. A man throws pieces of wood around, fire burns in another place. A sign for a public meeting of the North Islington Housing Rights Project. A Researcher from the North Islington Housing Rights Project walks along the pavement with a clipboard. A man waves as a door closes. The man talks to a woman outside her house about the state of it. Chris Holmes talks about the research project in a fire escape stairwell.
Two people carry sack of ? Up the stairs of a house, a skip sits outside filled with rubbish, close up of the sign on the house, 'Rehabilitation by Circle Thirty Three Housing Trust Ltd. In conjunction with the London Borough of Islington. The freshly painted exterior and the nicely done up interior of a rehabilitated flat. The newly refurbished bathroom. The kitchen with new appliances and clean new walls and work surfaces. A woman goes up the stairs into the front room, she looks around, at the gas fireplace, she moves into the kitchen, opens the cupboard into the hot water tank, looks at the windows. A woman from Circle Thirty Three talks about what they do to the house. A painter walks along the pavement and into a house.
Aerial view of Leeds. John Parkson walks behind a wrought iron fence, a fire burns behind him. From below, a girl paints a wall bright blue. Two workers paint a piece of wall paper, girls work on curtains in the background. Travelling shot passing by roads in a housing estate. Three girls walk a baby pram down a street. John Parkson of the Leeds Shelter group. The young people work in the house. A teenage boy stirs a bucket of paint. Two boys put up wall paper. The boy keeps stirring the paint. Through a window, a woman water plants on a table. Interview with the woman, Sandy?, who was rehoused from substandard accommodation. A boy stands on the kitchen counter, painting? A wall, then the girl below him, seated, fixing the curtains, all very 1970s with long hair and bell bottoms. A young boy uses a screw driver to secure a light switch. Two boys put up wallpaper. A busy, friendly-looking neighbourhood, a mother comes out of a door with her two children, laundry hangs on clothes lines outside. The chimney pots along roofs, another road lined with row houses, clothes lines hang above the street, children walk underneath them. Children walk along the street. The Housing Aid Centre, at 138 Granby Street, Bradford . A clean, neat alleyway between back lots in Bradford. A neat , clean back yard in the Shelter housing experiment in Bradford. (still pictures) children walking down an alleyway. An elderly woman with a bundle buggy walking on a pavement outside houses. A middle-aged couple walking down a grass-lined boulevard. Row houses in East London?, skyscrapers rise behind. A beach front souvenir stall with postcards and stuffed toys out front, then the beach, many boats lined it and there are some sun chairs occupied. New houses, mostly brick in Littlehampton. A Shelter action group, including a nun in full habit, walks into the overgrown garden of a new house, which is empty. A woman walks along the street talking about empty houses, the major problem in West Sussex. More empty but nice looking houses. A woman waits for a kettle to boil, in Burgess Hill, Sussex, then zoom in on her children in another room. A family group around a dining table, two sets of parents, as one couple has offered another a place to stay. A child eats a cookie, biscuit. The taylors do the dishes and explain why they open up their house to strangers. Teatime, close ups of a woman drinking a cup of tea, children eating. A child drinks a large cup of tea. The Taylors again.
A man points at a map. A map laid out in sections. Piles of fliers to be distributed. People dropping fliers off at houses. A collection can as a door opens. Close-ups, a man playing a trumpet, a man playing a trombone. From behind, a man playing a tuba. A man handing out raffle tickets. Games at a fundraising fair, on in which the men chug a pint and then put the glass on their head. Children playing on the street. Children with dirty faces. Headmaster John Parkson. Children go down a hill in a go-cart, one falls off. Children play in a deserted lot. Mothers wheel baby carriages down a grimy street. A British airways billboard. A still picture of a family crowded around a stove. A cigarette billboard ' the Piccadilly promise.' another still picture of a family in poor accommodation. Another bill board, another cigarette advert. Bill boards: the Sunday times ' are you getting enough?', tricity appliances, Dry cane, 'For when life gets too much to bear.', Coca Cola. Mother's watch children playing outside it the street. Elderly people walk along the sidewalk. A homeless man walks down the street with a baby pram full of bags. A housing terrace,.

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