Film: 5546

Places + Locations | 1950 | Sound | Colour


Two ladies embarking on a memorable trip to the Far East.
They sip their drinks on board an aircraft. The spokeswoman explains that she is on her first flight and anxious not to show it to her more experienced friend.
Opening a book of maps she traces their journey down the west coast of India to Ceylon.
A picture of the Kandy dancers is followed by a live performance.
2m12ss:- Bathing in the ocean at Mount Lavinia 7miles south of Colombo.
2m35ss:- Hotel that was once the Governor’s Residence.
2m59ss:- Native boats coming ashore on beach. Such peace and tranquillity here that it came to be known as the Garden of Eden.
3m26ss:- Time for the ladies to choose a hat as protection from the sun, much to the delight of the children watching them. They then move on to the basket weaving workers.
4m00ss:- Our two ladies decide on their hats and declare their support for local industry.
4m10ss:- Next stop is a visit to a tea plantation and a chance to walk through site and see the leaves being picked and placed in backpacks until a load of 14lbs is achieved.
5m13ss:- Back at the hotel and a chance to write postcards home whilst having a well earned pot of tea and cakes.
5m43ss:- Next stop Singapore. Leaving the plane with a friend met on the plane who lives in Singapore, arrangements have been made to meet up for an evening meal.
6m38ss:- A typical Chinese meal in a restaurant with the obligatory chopsticks which after a few mishaps on getting food successfully from plate to mouth they manage and all is well. (The Chinese translation for chopsticks is quick sticks) The ladies still thought it was like eating with two pencils!
The next course was called dunking your food in a central pot where you could cook it for as long as you wished before eating it.
The end of the meal was finished with the presentation of wet cloths to clean your face and hands.
8m32ss:- Their new friend John takes them on by car on a conducted tour of Singapore.
8m51ss:- Raffles Hotel named after Sir Stamford Raffles who founded the settlement in 1819.
9m02ss:- The Royal Singapore Yacht Club and the chance for some social chat with some of the members before watching the yachts racing including one capsize.
9m51ss:- Now the ladies have a sail themselves without mishap. There are many houses built on stilts in the water and local boats with their unusual colourful sails.
10m51ss:- On to the plane again destination Penang where a local guide is waiting for them.
11m10ss:- Walking over a narrow bridge into the tropical forest passing a native hut under repair after the monsoon season.
11m57ss:- Time for a picnic with cooked chicken and an audience of monkeys watching from the trees. Freshly picked pineapple is served as a dessert.
12m47ss:- Another flight to Thailand and another adventure for the ladies.
12m53ss:- On arrival in Bangkok they are treated to a display of kites, this is very popular in the Far East and a serious pastime with fierce competition between players.
13.50ss:- They now have a very energetic young guide showing them round one of the most impressive Mountain Temple s WO CHUNG ? Gates with two huge figures guarding the entrance to this magnificent temple a tour of the wonders behind them is now given by their young guide at breakneck speed too fast for the ladies and they decline an invitation to climb to the top where their guide is waving .They miss a wonderful view from there.
15m45ss:- The ancient walled city of ANGKO WAT
16m04ss:- A traditional local dance.
16m40ss :- Onwards to Hong Kong.
17m20ss:- Beach scenes and leaving the ferry for the city where one hundred million people a year go about their work. Shops going steeply uphill, with a variety of goods for sale much cheaper than at home. The ladies are drawn to the many different materials for sale and after studying magazines choose a design for the fabrics they have chosen and are assured they will be made up and ready for them within hours.
19m53ss:- Returning for their completed outfits.
20m13ss:- A glimpse of the nightlife attractions.
20m26ss:- Arriving in Tokyo. Streets are crowded with a procession making its way along the street regardless of the congestion.
21m34ss:- Waterfalls and another hotel set in beautiful surroundings near Mount Fuji , a Waterwheel and fishermen in the river.
23m03ss:- Arriving for tea in a friend’s home. Typical Japanese home and places arranged on the floor for the guests. A quick look at the flower arrangements that mean so much to the Japanese and indeed are considered as important an attribute for the housewife as other wifely duties.
23m58ss:- A view of their hotel room with beds like trestles but not directly on the floor which is the Japanese custom. Furniture is sparse but practical.
24m25ss:- Reprise of the different locations visited
. Holiday over with lots of memories to recall in the future and a last look at Mount Fuji as they start their journey home.
26m32ss:- THE END

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