Film: 5547

Feature Comedy | 1920 | Silent | B/W


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Silent comedy about the mishaps of Charles King and a case of mistaken identity.
Intertitles. Large room with two long windows draped with curtains, one window is open and the wind is blowing into the room. A man stirs in bed. He rises with snow blowing into his face. He sits up. He is wearing white pyjamas, has slicked back hair and a moustache. The curtains are flapping violently into the room as snow swirls around. The man seems confused, scratches his head and looks around. Close up of a calendar. It reads July 1926. Man sitting up in bed looking bemused, now feeling the cold.
Intertitles. He sneezes, raises his collar, gets up out of bed and runs to the window to close it but is forced back by the wind and is blown over. He crawls over to the window on his hands and knees, raises himself, but is blown back. He knocks over a table and an electric fan falls onto his bed. He gets up and rushes to the window and manages to close it. He looks outside. There is snow all around and the trees and bushes are bare. It is a winter scene. He turns away from the window and scratches his head in wonder. He realises that it is not snow but blossom from the trees. He returns to bed. As he does so he turns on the fan with his foot. He is lying in bed covered with his blanket when he starts to wriggle and jerk around. He sits up and pulls back the covers to find that the fan has torn his mattress and is blowing feathers everywhere. He tries to stop the fan but is covered in feathers.
Intertitles. A man dressed in a three piece suit and wearing a hat enters the room through a side door, whilst the other man battles with the feathers. The man in the suit strides over to the man in bed and makes demands. The man in bed looks up. His face has a beard of feathers.
Intertitles. The two men converse. The man in bed still has a beard of feathers. While they talk the man in the suit sneezes and blows off the beard. He now recognises the man as the person who owes him money.
Intertitles. The man in the suit threatens the other and demands his money. He leaves. The man in bed sits amongst the feathers. A cat sitting on a fence outside begins to wail. The man still sitting in bed covers his ears. He gets up and looks out of the window. The cat is sitting on the fence and on the ground are straw boaters and shoes of various kinds. They are being thrown at the cat. The man opens his window and takes off his slipper and takes aim at the cat. However, he sees all the hats and shoes already outside and does not throw his slipper. He stands at the window thinking.
Intertitles. He rushes from the window back into the room. He opens a black case that was on the floor at the foot of his bed and brings out a saxophone. He puts it around his neck and runs to the window and begins to blow the saxophone. Outside of the block of flats people look out of their windows. The man continues to play his sax at the open window.
Intertitles. Outside of the block and more people appear at the window. They begin to throw things out of the windows. The man stands inside his room playing his sax as various objects fly through the open window into the room. People in the block throw more things out of their windows. The man continues to stand by the window and play as objects land in his room. A tennis racquet lands in his saxophone which he happily removes. He stops playing, takes off the sax and closes the window. He spreads a sheet on his bedroom floor. The man in the suit sits in an open topped car looking at his wrist watch. The other man walks down the steps outside the flats to the car, holding a large bundle over his shoulder. The man walks up to the car the man in the suit is sitting in and throws the bundle onto his lap.
Intertitles. The man jumps into the driver's seat and they drive off down the street. They pull up outside a "Furniture and Household Goods" shop. The man removes the bindle from the other's lap. He swings it over his shoulder and walks into the shop. The tennis racquet is visible sticking out of the bundle. The shop has crockery in the windows and straw baskets outside. The man walks into the shop. He walks out again without the bundle. He walks up to the suited man and hands him money from the wad of notes he is holding. The man in the suit looks very pleased.
Intertitles. The suited man climbs out of the car. They talk as the other man climbs back into the driving seat. The man drives off, but the man in the suit has his coat caught in the car door and is dragged along the side of the car. The other man does not seem to notice. The man in the suit shouts for help. As he is being pulled along his shoes begin to smoke as they are dragged along the road. He shouts to the man driving. As they pass some houses he is released from the door and drops to the ground. The man in the suit sits up in the road and stares after the car. He notices that his jacket is ripped. The man in the car pulls up alongside a young woman in a car. She has broken down and he offers to tow her car to the garage. He pulls up in front of her car and gets out of his holding a tow rope. He fixes it to both cars and drives away.
Intertitles. As he pulls away it is revealed that the right hand side of his car has been left behind. The tow rope is attached to the non-moving half of his car. The young woman and half of his car do not move. The girl shouts to him and he realises what has happened as he looks back. He backs his half of the car up and gets out. He fiddles with the rear of the car, gets in and they both move off together. The two cars drive down the street. The man turns round and talks to the young woman. A man is pumping up a car tyre in the street. The man crashes into him knocking him into the air. The two cars continue down the street. At a turning the tow rope comes away from the girl's car and they go in different directions.
Intertitles. At a junction the man pulls in front of another car and the tow rope catches on to the front of the new car. The man in his car is unaware of his change of towee. She is a black woman. She shouts at him. He looks behind and realises who he is towing. He stops his car, backs up to the black woman's car and bumps it. Her car races backwards back up the street and reverses up a telegraph pole. The black woman wildly shouts and makes gestures. A traffic cop directs traffic in the street. The man is looking behind his car and hits the policeman who lands in the back of his car. The policeman sits upright in the back of the man's car. He stands in the back and argues with the man.
Intertitles. The policeman is still standing as the man drives along. Another car in front is being driven by a smartly dressed man in a suit and bowler hat. He is holding what looks like bags of money. The man tells the policeman that he is driving erratically because he is chasing the car in front which is being driven by a bank robber. They pull up alongside the car and the policeman orders the smartly dressed man to pull over. The policeman questions the smartly dressed man and finds the two bags. They drive to the police station. They stop outside a large Victorian building with double windows and globe lamps outside. They all walk into the building. A man in a suit sits on a high desk platform in a large chair. They all stand in front of the desk and talk to the man seated.
Intertitles. The smartly dressed man is identified as a robber and is led away. The man adjusts his jacket and looks pleased with himself. The policeman returns and shakes the man's hand and walks him out to the car.
Intertitles. They both are outside walking towards the man's car. They shake hands again and laugh as the man tips the policeman's cap over his eyes.
Intertitles. A young woman places packages into the back of her car. She turns and looks. The man and the policeman are still joking around. The young woman shouts and waves at the man. The man and the girl stand by her car. He explains that he is on excellent terms with the police and can do anything. The policeman who was joking with the man stands on the pavement. An older more senior officer walks out of the building and takes over his position. Not realising the change the man walks up to the new policeman and knocks his cap off into the water filled gutter. The officer looks at the man sternly. The man nervously picks the hat out of the gutter and places it on the officers head. The officer looks furious as dirty water from the hat runs down his face. The man looks back at the girl who looks shocked. The officer grabs hold of the man and swings him around as he punches him.
Title - End of Part One. Part Two.
The man is lying on his bed fully clothed. The girl sits beside him stroking his head. A large woman in a checked dress runs into the room and speaks to the girl. Her father has been arrested! The two women talk for a short time and the younger woman leaves. The large woman sits beside the man, who appears to be sleeping and strokes his head and holds his hand. He opens his eyes and is shocked to see the woman. Close up of the woman's gurning face. He jumps up out of bed and through an open window behind the bed. Outside he flies through the air and lands on an old bed in the garden. He bounces back through the bedroom window again. He lands back on the bed. The large lady tends to him. The young woman greets her father who is the smartly dressed man at the police station. The man and the large lady sit on the bed. He is waving his arms about and making a lot of noise. The man writhes and jerks around under his bed clothes. The large woman ties cord around him to restrain him. The girl and her father leave the police station and get into a car outside. The large lady finishes tying up the man wrapped in the bed clothes. The father and girl enter a large lavishly decorated front room. They walk to a wall hanging. The girl lifts it. There is a safe behind it and he puts the two sacks of money in it. Behind the sofa in the front room "Masked Mike" - the criminal who looks just like the girl's father - emerges. The girl and the father walk into the room where the man and the large lady are. He is still trussed up. The large woman explains what happened and leaves the room. The girl and father walk towards the bed. The man uncovers his head from underneath the sheets and is shocked to discover the father looking at him. The father recognises him and is furious. The daughter tries to restrain her father whilst the man hides under the covers. The father shakes his fist at the man. The man tries to free himself of his restraints. The man ends up still tied to the mattress, standing in front of the father who repeatedly punches him as the girl looks on. The large lady enters the front room to find Masked Mike trying to break into the safe. He does not see her. The father is stamping on the man who is lying face down on the floor. He is still tied to the bed. The large lady enters the room and tells them about the burglar. The father, daughter and large lady rush out of the room. The daughter turns back and helps to undo the man's restraints. The father and Masked Mike scuffle. The father is hit on the head by a vase. The man and the daughter enter.
Intertitles. The man chases Masked Mike. In the hall the father and Masked Mike cross paths back to back without knowing. The man appears holding a club and stealthily approaches one of the men who has gone behind a curtain. He is ready to strike. He hits the figure behind the curtain. It is the large lady. The daughter uses the telephone. The man chases the two men alternately around the hall. The father sits in a room to rest. The man opens the door into his face, sees him and leaps on him and throws him across the room. The other man enters the room and walks past both men. The man and the father talk. They put a flower in the father's buttonhole so the man will know who's who. Masked Mike is watching them and does the same. The father leaves the room by one door as Masked Mike enters through another. The man thinks it is the father and leaves the room. Masked Mike hides behind a mirror and when the father comes along, hits him with it. Masked Mike removes the glass from the mirror and stands in the space. When the father recovers he looks in the mirror and Masked Mike copies his movements. Eventually he punches the father and runs off. The father chases after him. The man grabs the father and hits him. They argue. Masked Mike switches identities again. The father and the man decide to put the father in a closet. The man goes after Masked Mike in the front room. They fight. During the struggle the police arrive and arrest the real Masked Mike. The young woman and the man let the father out of the closet. They embrace.

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