Film: 5548

Feature Comedy | 1960 | Sound | B/W


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"The Goat", 1921 Buster Keaton film. Keaton walks towards crowd round Wanted posted billboard. Mistakenly the photo is his. Crowd scatter. "Reward $5000 Dead or Alive". Keaton runs and bumps into large man on corner. Falls down. Man is wearing police badge. Man follows Buster who again stands by poster. Woman reading it flees, dropping her fur muff. Buster picks it up and puts it round his face as a beard / disguise. Sticks 'beard' on poster of him behind bars. Fluffs moustache. Cigar chewing police chief sticks head round corner and walks to Buster. Reads poster. Buster leans against poster and its moustache wilts.
Michael Bentine talks and introduces W. C. Fields in the 1915 film "Pool Sharks". Pretty girl sitting on hammock. Man smoking cigar with trilby hat and cane amuses her. Takes off hat. She is sewing. He swings cane and hits himself in the eye. She laughs. Jealous man throws bucket at other man. Two men and girl about to sit on hammock. It collapses with men onto ground. She laughs. Man hits other on head with cane. He faints. Outdoor dinner where men compete to sit next to girl, steal chairs. Get young boy off his chair. Boy uses pea-shooter and hits man who spills coffee over girl. Men fight, they hit noses, pull teeth. Pool hall, man chalks cue, hits foot with cue. tosses coin. Trick break where balls regroup. Break where all balls are potted. Break where balls fly off table and onto rack.
Bentine introduces "Playhouse", 1921 film. Big man wakes Buster Keaton up. Claps hands and two men run in and start removing furniture. Buster is ordered out. He is a stage hand and lifts the scenery. 'Clocking-in' machine labelled "punch clock" so Buster does and breaks it. Sweeps up. Man with beard lights cigarette. Beard catches fire and he can't put it out. Buster runs to him. Gets a fire axe and knocks man out (all this in front of large "No Smoking" sign). Shaves man's beard off. Opens cage to monkey who escapes. Buster dresses up in dinner jacket and blacks face to look like monkey. Man leads him on stage before realising he is not a monkey. Maid brings bananas which he eats. Puts cigar in mouth. Tries to hide in bed. Runs off and into theatre box. Woman adjusts opera glasses. Close up of Buster's face looking surprised. She faints. Audience applaud. Man leads him away. He jumps through stage scenery.
Bentine introduces Charlie Chaplin in 1917 film "The Cure". Sanatorium. Two men throw shoes at one another. Pull back curtain - Chaplin is in one-piece bathing costume. Swimming pool too cold, so Chaplin dips feet in and pretends to swim. Dries his ears. Massage. Man gets contorted by masseur. Charlie looks worried. Pretends it is wrestling contest and raises masseur's arm in mock triumph. Masseur and Charlie fight over whether to massage him. Masseur and large man fall in pool.
Bentine introduces Billy Bevan in "Lizzies of the Field", 1924. Road race. At start Andy Clyde with a chequered flag. Car reverses into starter's tower and tows it along race track. Men on top jump off at bridge. Billy's car takes a short cut. It has a bike attached to the side. Wheel come off car. Billy gets on bike and cycles after it. He overtakes other cars. Crashes into barn. He stops his car. Puts tyre on car. Car crashes through log and dazed men carry firewood away. Men fall out of their cars as they turn. Pickaxe wielding road mender pulled out of hole as cars drive over him. Dazed, he jumps back in. Men change "Detour" signs around. Men wave flags at car and it gets blown up but continues all tatty with bits hanging off it. Bits fall off car. "Danger Road Closed" sign. Cars drive down ramp, take-off and land on each other. Dynamite stick put in gas tank - blows Bevan over the finish line. Chaired as victors.

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