Film: 5555

Places + Locations | 1950 | Silent | Colour


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Amateur home movie of Some glimpses of Women's International Zionist Organisation's work for new arrivals in Israel 1950's

as seen through the eyes of Rosalie Gassman General secretary of the Federation of Woman Zionists in the summer of 1950.
Haifa harbour - ships full of people. Disembarkation of ship - woman holding child, man on crutches. Crowds of people behind high fence. Children playing on harbour edge new luggage, immigrant camps - rows of tents, white huts - some behind barbed wire. Children walking in sand in which tents are pitched. Groups of children outside huts on which signs are written in Hebrew. Rows of cots in hospital. Queues outside building, men and women washing, old man on donkey. Rows of tents. Adults and children of the Habanin tribe in very colourful dresses Woman squatting next to fire on which she cooks. Man smoking large pipe. Middle class women in camps (women from WIZO). Child and woman shake and fold blanket with tents in background. Group of children collecting water form standpipe. Woman cleaning metal pot outside tent. Boy feeding chicken, girl having haircut. Girl having hair washed and then combed. Woman beating mattress with stick. Woman cooking over fire - supervised by woman. Half naked child. Man and woman take clothes out of wooden boxes/crates. Man in front of pile of crates and suitcases that reach the ceiling at WIZO's Tel Aviv central distributing store. Clothes piled high on shelves. Man carrying wooden crate and loading car. Boy in galvanized bath tub in sand. Man stands next to him. Tirah - a ruined Arab village now occupied by immigrants - Shots of woman walking through Tirah's deserted streets. Women being taught to make shoes around table that is outside. Group of women of different ages. Gardens - flowers and plants. Women gardening in Tel Baruch - a middle class settlement. Close up of pepper-plants, women tending aubergine plants, gardening (planting, raking earth, digging ) child chases chicken. Transjordan Frontier - ELS. Sister Rosa Wollstein and other nurses in immigrant camps. Soldiers sitting and cleaning rifles. Two women dancing inside tent. Children seated around tub of water. Baby crying in mother's arms. Row of children. Sleepy child in mother's arms. Sister Rosa holds baby, gets into car and is driven to nurses unit. Athlith - transit camp becomes permanent worker's settlement. Shot of domed corrugated huts. White houses behind barbed wire fences. Donkey towing cart. Bullet pitted kibbutzim at Rumat Ruclel which is windowless and roofless. Shots of its reconstructions. Building site in desert. Man in shorts raking earth. Entrance to Nahalal agricultural training school. Boys picking fruit, lines, lemons, grapes. Boy piling up boxes, girl picking grapes. Girl and boy picking grapes into cases. Two girls carrying baskets of grapes while eating them. Boy on cart attached to horse-cart is being loaded with grapes. Tractor. Ploughing with horse. Group of young adults planting. Cows in pens. Cows being milked manually. Calf being fed by woman who tries to ride it. Woman cleaning floor with hose. Woman pegging out washing. Man on tractor. Chickens and turkeys in intensive farming conditions. Woman with suitcase shaking hands with women in aprons. Women in aprons waving. Women sitting outside around table under trees. Exterior shot of Henrietta Irwell Trade School in Haifa. Women preparing food in large kitchen. Group of women cooks outside. Row of girls outside Maya Rosenberk School for Yemenite Girls. Close up of girl laughing, girl reading letter. Another playing recorder. Small girl laughing and ringing hand bell. Young women sewing in classroom. Girls writing in classroom. Women entering WIZO hostel, pegging out washing and group of women outside hostel and in gardens. Fay Grove listens to girl from Belsen, concentration camp. Herzl's Tomb surrounded by flowers. THE END

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