Film: 5571

Politics | 1970 | Sound | Colour


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Brief shot of Richard Nixon on television. Remainder is about Mondale pressing the administration to implement Supreme Court's ruling on segregation 1970's

Opening shot of Nixon on television. Talks about segregation and changes in the law. Shot of meeting at Justice department. How is decision of Supreme Court to be implemented? Next shot shows Walter Mondale discussing the subject with his assistants. Discussion of discrimination against blacks in the South. Next, back to a meeting of Congressional Committee. Spokesman for Department tells Congressman what he is doing to implement the law. Close up of Mondale, one of the members. Senator Mondale asks a question. He queries whether the Department of Justice is really desegregating schools. Two other members ask questions. Meeting breaks up.
Reporters question man from Department of Justice. Mondale talks to reporters in informal group. Next shot, Mondale on telephone in his office. Then shot of reporter on TV discussing conflicting ideas on desegregation of President Nixon and Senator Mondale (CBS News) Next Attorney General Mitchell calls a press conference. Close up of Mitchell on podium and of reporters who ask questions. Is the Department of Justice dragging its feet in promoting desegregation? Difference between desegregation and integration. Is the latter something which the law can achieve. Next shot presses of Washington Post. Hundreds of lawyers will be sent to the South to oversee implementation of the law. Continuing shot of the presses.
Next shot of unidentified politician giving press conference. He speaks for the South and complains of Federal interference in States' rights. Speaker refuses questions. Later is seen on television ( He is Senator Strom Thurmond) continuing his protest. Reminds President Nixon that he may lose elected support. Next shot TV screen shows the current affairs programme "Issues and Answers" Robert Finch Counsellor to the President is questioned about the effect of Thurmond's implied threat to withdraw the support of the South in 1972. He plays down this threat. "Blood won't run in the streets of the South".

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