Film: 5577

Industry + Work | 1970 | Sound | Colour


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Idea that natural gas is only viable fuel in view of fact that it releases fewer pollutants into air than coal or oil 1970's

Boy coughing. Cows at sunrise, smoking chimneys. Close up of boy using inhaler. Couple with dog silhouetted against sea. Boy drinking water. Seagulls flying, sea birds killed by oil spillage. Busy roads in Britain. Wheat, mouse, kestrel. Man suffering from malaria in bed. Close-up of mosquito on human skin. Dead fish in polluted rivers. Man talks about how clear River Tyne was in past and how polluted it is now. Shots of sewerage outlet. Chemically produced foam on river. Bulldozer dumping coal waste into sea. Boy pushing bike on beach through oil. Northern industrial landscape. Wrecked super tanker buffeted by heavy seas. Black and white (b/w) archive footage of London pea-soupers, or smog or fog of 1940's. Images of smoking industrial chimneys in northern Britain. Domestic chimneys. Coal mines. Tower of London in silhouette, Westminster Bridge and Parliament (aerial view), National Gallery, Royal Albert Hall and traffic on London roads. Rose gardens. Buckingham Palace. Men in laboratories. Trees on river bank. Rural idyllic English village. Man discusses the harmful effects of Sulphur dioxide. Farmer talks about effects of sulphur dioxide on his cattle (images of cows accompany interview). Shots of damaged trees. In attempt to release harmful gases so that they do not return to earth tall chimneys were built. Crowds of people walking along busy road. Women interviewed about effects of smoke from nearby factory. Effect of air pollutants on stone sculptures. No 24 bus to Pimlico. Alternatives to heavy oils used that produce large emissions of sulphur dioxide are: nuclear power (a power of the future) and gas. Gas fire (domestic). Oil rig in North Sea. Shots of Industrial Sheffield and urban Sheffield (new and old). Gas pipes being laid. Close-ups of vehicle exhaust fumes. British motorway, aircraft over housing estates. Possible long term effects of pollution. Woman breast feeding baby. Tokyo policeman directing traffic. Lake Erie coast line polluted and fish dying. Technicians in laboratories.

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