Film: 5582

Medicine | 1960 | Sound | Colour


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Dramatic, 'arty' camera angles, educational film about living with anxiety, stress and mental health and psychiatric problems 1960's

People under strain have nervous breakdowns.
Old woman cuts hand and wrist with razorblade in toilets, suicide ? Man with shaky hand tries to eat boiled egg, wife comforts him, man gets into black cab.
Physician examines pupils, business lunch, fisheye 'point of view' shot, camera tilts, paving slabs.
Aerial view of cab driving, close up of traffic lights, man and woman shop in supermarket, man is overwhelmed by noise etc, drops shopping and flees shop, pulls away in car, has panic attack at red light, gets out and runs back through traffic, runs down alley way, home, cried with head in hands on stairs.
Man sits with wife at Doctor's desk, man has head x-rays, various blood testing etc. Doctors and nurses stand around seated man.
Mother and son walk by river she clips him around the ear, mother cries, collapses carried into ambulance on stretcher.
People in church, vicar, psalm numbers, woman faints, falls off pew.
Boy in barber's shop, faints.
Close up of hand.
Boy walks down street, rippling water, church steeple, exterior of barber's, barber's sign, red and white pole, man stands on London Bridge.
Man gets into bus, woman panics, camera pans in/out as she grabs railings. Woman sits up in bed in panic, family watching lions at zoo, girl spills ice cream on ground, Boy eats ice-cream, little girl in hospital cot cries, woman gets into crowds, old fashioned steel lift, lift sticks, woman shakes doors.

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