Film: 5583

Medicine | 1960 | Sound | Colour


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Breast-feeding and baby milk 1960's

Two boys playing and fighting in garden. Woman's hand offers them ice cream cones, they take them.
Maternity ward. Two mothers nursing babies. Nurse in uniform. Winding / 'burping' the baby, patting back.
Laboratory technicians (female) testing cow's milk. Comparing human and cow's milk. Processing cow's milk for babies. Use of cartoons for diagrams.
Preparation of dried baby milk - putting in packets in factory. Checking quality of powered milk. Bunsen burners. 'Humanized milk'. Nursing baby and bottle-feeding him. Advice on how to do this. Winding baby. Lessons in cleaning baby's bottle and teats. Making up powdered milk in jug and pouring into bottle. Testing teat. Baby in cot. Washing hands. Two babies lying side-by-side. Weighing baby. Baby crying in cot. Clock saying 06:10. Clock saying 10:27. Factory production-line making baby milk. Bags being filled and sealed. Spooning out baby-food from jar. Boiled egg with fingers of toast. Little sandwiches. Increasing foods as time goes on. Two six-year old boys eating at table. Mother in bed with twin babies.

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