Film: 5584

Education | 1970 | Sound | Colour


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Education at Woodnewton Way Infants School, Corby Northamptonshire 1970's
Classrooms, lessons and teaching methods.

Chimneys and Industrial background with children playing football. View of the exterior of the Primary School. Marion Pears, the Headteacher speaks to the camera explaining how the resources meet the needs of the children. A plan of the school and the changes required to provide shared resources etc.
Classroom with children. Layout of empty classroom with separate areas for creativity, display, storage etc.
A little girl describes to her teacher how a tooth can be extracted using a piece of cotton attached to a door.
Classes join together for lesson and then divide for activities. Close-ups of children. Child reading to teacher. Shared library and book corner. Handwriting lesson with children copying from teacher.
Storytime at the end of the day with close up of children listening intently.
Children leaving main building and going to a mobile classroom. Inside the classroom a teacher and pupils working in a confined space.

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