Film: 5590

Feature Comedy | 1930 | Sound | B/W


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Edgar Kennedy domestic comedy 1930's
Comedy scene. Irritating wife with Minnie Mouse squeaky voice stands and reads magazine entitled ‘True Diet and Health’. Irritated husband – ‘Edgar’ – sits and reads newspaper whilst smoking pipe and looking irritated. Mother or mother-in-law says something which irritates him. Another man has an idea and enters scene. All this commotion upsets our silent hero even more. Wife re-arranges cushions behind husband and makes him uncomfortable. Wife shows her mother a magazine picture of a healthy baby. The picture is shown to Edgar. He puts it aside. Mother-in-law suggests Edgar and her daughter adopt a baby. Edgar scowls. Two women and man gang up on Edgar and make ‘helpful’ suggestions. Edgar snaps and throws his paper down on the settee he sits on and shouts back at the crowd.
Next day wife is pegging clothes on a washing line in back yard. Neighbour passes with her baby and hands baby to woman to hold, over the white picket fence. ‘Adoption’ is mentioned. Edgar’s wife conspires with neighbour to ‘borrow’ her baby that evening. The two women wrap baby in the laundry in basket and play a trick on Edgar. They put basket on veranda of house outside door and ring doorbell. They run off giggling. Edgar opens door and calls to his absent wife ‘here’s the laundry’. She and her neighbour hide. Wife motions ‘Shhh’ with her finger to her lips. Edgar carries basket into house. He places basket on kitchen table and starts to move off from what he thinks is just laundry. Baby’s voice is heard. He looks around kitchen. The linen starts to move, he lifts an edge of a sheet and does a double take. Close up of smiling baby in basket. Edgar pushes baby’s leg back into basket. Close up of a scrawled note ‘Please give my baby a good home - a broken hearted mother’. Edgar looks straight at camera. He picks up basket and takes it through door to other room. He puts basket on floor, moves chair to near table, sits down and proceeds to make a telephone call. He makes an exasperated call to the police. Baby starts to win him over by holding his finger. He thinks and rubs his hand over his face. He puts his thumb in his mouth and baby does the same. Edgar smiles, baby smiles. Edgar gets off chair to be nearer baby and plays with it. Baby and Edgar crawl on carpet. Onlookers outside window are distracted by arrival of car. In police-car are a cop and an old battleaxe of a busy-body social worker. Baby lies on floor amongst set of golf clubs and golf balls. Woman rings doorbell. Edgar puts baby on armchair. Social worker enters and says she is there to pick up the baby. Edgar doesn’t want to give up the baby and impersonates the baby noises of the child to put woman off the scent. He ushers her quickly out of he door, assuring her she must have the wrong address. Baby appears to have been drinking and has bottle. Woman gets back into car and is annoyed. Four onlookers hiding in the garden are relieved she has left. Edgar carried baby around by holding baby’s clothes in middle of back. He runs taps into a small tin bath in the kitchen sink. . He lays child on kitchen table and prepares to change child. Onlookers at window think this is sweet. Baby wearing a nappy or diaper is put in bath. Three onlookers think it is time to rescue baby, but wife persuades them to let this continue. Baby cries and close up of Edgar offering it a fob watch to look at. Edgar lifts baby out of tub and cuddles him. He puts baby on bed and dries it. People at window are happy and smile. Baby sits up smiling, Edgar trims a pillow case to act as clothes for the child. Neighbour leaves the scene as wife, brother-in-law and mother-in-law re-enter house. They enter bedroom where Edgar and baby sleep side by side. Mother-in-law shouts at Edgar and he wakes up. Whilst the three witter on repeatedly, Edgar tries to calm them down, but eventually snaps and shouts ‘Shut Up’.
Night scene of man’s foot rocking baby in cot to sleep. In neighbouring room man practices a speech from a play, but knocks something over. Baby cries and ‘parents’ are disturbed. Wife nags her husband about putting the baby to sleep. He gets up and she clambers from one twin bed to immediately adjoining twin bed. Edgar goes into other room where brother-in-law is practising his speech and kicks him over. In dressing gown and pyjamas Edgar raids the fridge and splashes himself with milk from the milk bottle as he sits down at the kitchen table. Edgar tries to fill tiny baby’s bottle, but spills milk. He pours milk into kettle which has a narrower spout than milk bottle. The teat keeps falling off, and Edgar is annoyed. He spills more milk on table and himself as bottle falls on floor. He refills bottle with milk from kettle. Two women and Edgar in room. Mother in law argues with Edgar about milk’s temperature. Edgar pours milk into man’s face. Edgar puts kettle on gas hob and pours milk into kettle. He is looking pretty grumpy now. Edgar dozes as kettle boils over. He knocks bottle over as he tries to pour milk into it. He gives up. Two women in room together – the younger called to ‘Oh, Eddie’. Edgar enters and asks if bottle is warm enough – it looks like liquor bottle full of milk. He shouts at mother-in-law and makes her leave bedroom.
Daylight and Edgar wakes up all confused. He starts shouting and looking for the baby. ‘The baby has gone’. Wife wakes up. In a panic they shout. He runs out of the room as she gets up and puts on her robe. He rushes outside the house and looks around. Neighbouring woman says to him over the fence – ‘Good Morning Mr Kennedy’ as she holds the baby. He takes the baby from her. He says he has his baby back, but she says it is her baby. The argue about the ownership – ‘he’s my baby, I found him on my doorstep’. ‘Do you want me to call the police?’ Wife and her family appear on scene and explain baby does belong to their neighbour. Edgar cuddles baby boy. Edgar laughs and puts baby in shade under a tree. He plucks a tree from his front garden and moves to threaten everyone with it. They all flee. He rubs his face. He sits down next to baby. Baby and man crawl on lawn together

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