Film: 5596

Canals + Waterways | 1960 | Sound | Colour


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Building of a Canal in Germany to link up the Rhine, Main and Danube rivers. Travelogue of places along the way. The River Rhine where is flows into the North Sea at Rotterdam, Netherlands. Aerial view of the city, its motorways and parkland. Rotterdam port, ships from various nations come and go. River boats awaiting cargo. Aerial view of the Rotterdam docks. Close up of the stern of the boat Ruhrort as it creates waves in the water. Port of Duisberg on the River Rhine, Germany. Docks, cranes, barges filled with cargo, pleasure boats, industrial backdrop. The city of Cologne Germany on the River Rhine. Cologne Cathedral as viewed from the river. Aerial view of a barge going through a canal lock. A barge goes under the Hohenzollern Bridge Cologne with the Cathedral in the background. Close up of water churned up by the boat. Barge continues its journey along the River Rhine, city in the background. The city of Bonn on the River Rhine in Germany. Parliament buildings. Bonn University with students walking past. City streets of Bonn. Trams journey along a major road while a cyclist passes. Aerial view of the River Rhine with a pleasure boat docked. Footage about life on the River Rhine for those who live on river barges. Boats show people going about their daily lives, woman holds a baby on deck, man and child cleaning, kids in a paddling pool on deck. Father and his two children at the wheel of a barge. Boats travel along the River Rhine. Husband and wife stand on deck chatting. Footage about two crew on a boat, 2 young people get ready for the day's work, eating breakfast onboard, going up on deck to clean. A woman leads 2 small children to an on deck paddling pool. A river cruise boat passes as filmed from inside the wheelhouse of the barge, the captain waves. Another barge moors alongside and the family get supplies. Boat's bell is polished by a young lad. Woman hangs out washing on deck. View of the River Rhine with city of Koblenz in the background. View overlooking the river as taken from above a restaurant balcony, a couple sit at a table having a drink. Boats travel through canal. Aerial view over Koblenz and the River Rhine from surrounding hills. Aerial shot as large boat travels along the river. The Rhine Valley, another view looking down onto the river over colourful gardens and a castle. View of rolling hillsides and agriculture of the Rhine Valley. Rhine Valley village of Bacharach, waitress in traditional dress serves a man dining alfresco. Various village views to surrounded hills and vineyards, a church and Stahleck Castle. Scenic view down to the river from Bingen.
The River Main in Germany. Barges and cargo vessels journey along the River Main passing various riverside industrial sites. A barge passes through a lock. View looking into the wheelhouse, with captain at the controls. City of Frankfurt Germany. Aerial view over the River Main. Panning aerial view of the city centre. The River Main docks area. A barge's cargo being unloaded. View overlooking the city of Bamberg in Germany. People walk across a bridge with colourful flowers hanging on the sides. View from the bridge along the waterway with attractive buildings on the waterside, believed to be fishermens' houses in an area referred to as Little Venice. Aerial images of the construction of the canal to connect Bamberg with Nurnberg. View of the canal in its early stages of construction. More aerial views of the rivers the canal will connect. Diggers working at the construction site. Aerial view of a major road junction in the German city of Nuremberg, as traffic navigates around. Shop front sign. A street sign saying City of Westminster, Carnaby Street in English. Butcher's shop window, a German Shepherd dog stands with front paws on window sill, wagging its tail excitedly at the meat display. Clothes store shop window, a woman dressed in a colourful red dress with a green apron walks past, toward the camera and out of view. The German city of Regensburg. View of the city dominated by the cathedral. Two young ladies sit on the banks of the River Danube with a bridge in the background, camera pans around to the river. St Peter's Cathedral, a bendy bus passes the front of the cathedral. The camera pans upward to film the spires of the cathedral. Traffic passes between the round towers that form the city's northern gate. River boats, a young female student walks beside the boats. Overview of a busy market scene. People buying and selling fruit and vegetables in market beside the River Danube. Close ups of market traders, lady selling cabbages, another stacking eggs, a lady buying radishes. Riverboat on the River Danube as it approaches Linz in Austria. View of the River Danube from a bridge in Linz, the camera pans right as 2 boys and a lady walk across the bridge. A high viewpoint overlooking the city of Linz, dominated by the cathedral. Another high viewpoint over the city with the River Danube in the foreground. View from a hillside, couple in silhouette beside a large tree, with the city in the background. Aerial view of the Danube River, Austria. Camera pans left to a woman sitting on a flat rock enjoying the view and Aggstein Castle in Wachau in the background. Interior view of Aggstein Castle with trestle tables and bench seats, the building now provides budget accommodation. View up to the castle's towers, some tourists are visiting. Castle viewed from opposite side of the Danube River. People water skiing on the River Danube at Wachau. Agricultural workers in a field, a young girl in shorts and bikini top, accompanied by a older lady in more traditional clothes with a head scarf, harvest potatoes and chat to each other. Aerial panning view of the city of Vienna, Austria. Aerial view of traffic crossing a bridge in Vienna across the River Danube. Street levels views of the city, people crossing the road opposite St Stephens Cathedral. Camera pans up to top of the cathedral's spires. Women and children walking along the street, great 60's clothing. Vienna's red and white trams, couple on a scooter, good footage of 60's vehicles. People cross road at a pedestrian crossing in hurry to board a tram, woman in traditional Austrian dress with a young boy in lederhosen. Horse drawn carriage taking a family on city tour passes the camera. River Danube with a river cruise vessel. Busy riverside café or bar with cruise vessel in the background. City of Bratislava as viewed from the River Danube. River cruise vessel moored on the river in Bratislava. Tourists sitting on covered deck as their vessel cruises the River Danube. Views of Budapest from the river. Aerial view looking down onto Budapest from a surrounding hill. Camera pans right across to the River Danube. Zoomed in view of the city from same viewpoint. Street level view of Budapest's Statue of Liberty. View from the statue down to the bridge crossing the River Danube, a lady takes in the view. The busy streets of Budapest, people walking along the street, crossing the road, a bendy bus passes. Back on board the river cruiser, guests sit out on deck, the captain enters the wheelhouse. Aerial view of a roundabout in Belgrade, as 2 trams plus other traffic navigate around. Aerial view of the city. Cruise ship docked on the River Danube in Belgrade. Busy streets of Belgrade, cars going along the road, people walking along a tree lined pavement. Small garden area with alfresco restaurant at the rear. View from a high point overlooking the city of Bucharest, Romania. Similar viewpoint from a different angle with view down a quiet road in the city. Street level view where mainly women dressed for summer stroll along the pavement and look in shop windows. The camera pans right to a car park filled with Eastern European cars, one with a cover over it. View down a wide road as pedestrians wait to cross, a red bus and a campervan go past. The River Danube port of Tulcea in Romania, at the apex of the Danube Delta. A paddlesteamer ship leaves the dock. Another pleasure boat leaves the dock. Aerial view of the Black Sea resort of Mamaia and its fairly low level resort complexes. Camera pans toward the busy beach dotted with sunbathers. Beach level footage of tourist enjoying the resort, sandcastles, lady reads a book whilst lying on a beach towel, lady sunbathes in deck chair, naked toddler splashes in the sea, people go to and from the water, busy beach with parasols, young women bask in the sun, man rubs sunscreen into a woman's back and various shots of couples and families lazing on the beach. Two young ladies in bikinis walk toward the camera, one looks directly to the camera and smiles. Rear view of tanned man in tight white bathers. Basically an advert for the cheaper Black Sea resort as an alternative to the Mediterranean. Boats ply along the Danube. Life on the river for barge families. Construction of the Europa Canal, bulldozers shape the base of the canal. Various sunset shots over the Danube and Rhine rivers.

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