Film: 5598

Places + Locations | 1960 | Sound | Colour


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A travelogue of Ireland or Eire

Opening scene of coastal scenery in Ireland - sea and sailing boats. Then cut to Alcock and Brown's landing by air in 1919, more shots of moderns plane landing. Scene at terminal. Other planes land. John Hinton on horse at his house in Galway. Interior of house - Hinton talks. Peaceful landscape in Connemara. Peasant collect turf (best). Shots of sailing boats, seals and sea birds. Close-up of birds. Oyster creels are raised. People eating oysters in restaurant. Galway races in July, with again. Ashford Castle, once home of Lord Ardilaun - now a hotel. We see a young couple in a speedboat, then in the bar. Tinker encampment - horse drawn caravans. Celtic crosses and old ruins. Ancient chapel by the sea. Donkey carts. Shots of rugged scenery - beaches and rock shores. Scenes at Kinsale - traditional dress of women. Shark-fighting. At Killarney, nuns look at view. Tourists in carts and on horseback. Tourists in boats on Lake Killarney. Fishing by rod and line. Cliffs in Co-Clare at Bunvalley Castle, 'medieval' feast for tourists - harps, minstrels, wenches. Dublin - scenes on Liffey - Fonet Courts etc. Dublin Horse Show - riders, pipers, bands. Horseman jumping. Shot of De Valera in 'royal box'. Breif piece to camera by John Huston on why he likes Ireland.Useful scenes of scenery ,fishing, sailing, old houses and tinkers.

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