Film: 5599

Industry + Work | 1960 | Sound | B/W


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Changes in industry post world war two Britain
Nuclear power stations, television production, fish filleting, steel

The film looks at change in British industry. Shots of rocket being launched and satellite dish.
Top s' prototype hovercraft coming off water and onto land. Vars exterior of atomic power plant (v/o symbolises the new way forward) cut to interior shots of atomic power station.
Var shots of different automatic production lines including engineering and bottling factory.
Cs plastics being moulded for electrical goods.
Woman at machine - producing man made fibres and cut to electronic goods on conveyor belt.
Ext building site with crane and builders
2'05 Fish factory with women filleting fish and then cut to machinery automatically filleting and man picks up piece of fish to check.

Steel industry man rolling large piece of metal into roll - by hand takes a lot of time.

Cut to same process being done automatically controlled by one man at control panel Top shot watching whole process in factory fully automated.

Interior shots of factory with new machinery being fitted.

3'53 30's film of unemployed men wearing caps and standing in group, cut to them signing on at labour exchange.
4'01 Top shot workers walking to work on industrial estate, cut to men and women clocking on.
4'12 old footage of new recruits for World War 1 marching past and then shots of women munition workers.(out at 5'04)
5'19 More old footage of unemployed in 30's and shots of British army marching in England during World War 2, women working in factories and men also making the tread for tanks.
Troops marching past George VI and Queen Elizabeth after end of World War 2
6'11 - 6'15 panning shot of King's College Oxford.
7'01 - 7'39 Delegates at 1948 Cuba - Havana Charter. Man at podium making speech, rest of delegates applaud.
Man and women in factories working at benches and shots of machinery coming off assembly line.
White goods for sale in shop - fridges and cookers. Shots of hosiery - stockings in window.
Women working in radio industry and also men and women working in chemical industry.
8'32 Motorway flyover being constructed.
More shots of men and women working in chemical and electronic industry. V/o we are in an age of change. Shot of man showing woman how to weld.
9'15 man at gate of factory being let in by security guard.
9'21 var shots of new town. Blocks of flats and houses.
Drama Reconstruction Managers and workers and how to deal with change, redundancies etc…
Man working at loom wonders what management is up to? We see him walking back to his house (somewhere up north?) His v/o re had to buy some labour saving gadgets for the wife.Shot of him in kitchen with the wife and then his children in living room doing their homework.
He sits by TV and reads his newspaper. Thinks he will talk to the union about changes that might be happening at work.
Visits his club - shot of him at table with union rep having a pint.
We then see managers and union round the table talking about new things happening at their textile mill.
14'26 New machinery arrives at mill
14'50 part of sales drive is doing commercial which the management sit and watch on tv. Shots of new looms with weavers.
15'18 Four women in factory winding armatures. 90% is hand controlled. Now see new machine which one 'girl' can control instead of 4 'girls' Rest are now on shifts and being retrained.
16'27 Invoice office with roomful of women all using typewriters. Shot of new electronic computer woman pressing buttons and feeding in magnetic tape?
Line printer prints out invoices. Manager with paperwork at desk, women typing. Women being told about changes , cs of them typing onto computer tape.
18'20 Midland car firm pipe binding shop and welding shop.Managers talking to other sections about changes happening in car industry. Workers being re-trained on car production line - Triumph Heralds.
19'40 Exterior Bank of England and brokers in bowler hats all running out. Shop showing reductions on interest for hire purchase.
Industrial landscape with canal cut to interior of Lancashire mill with looms - some automatic. Exterior of empty mill with lorry driving up to it. (v/o re new industries taking over)
Interior of factory and two men on production line making latex foam.
Assembly line for fridges and washing machines.
21'11 Wool Textile factory and woman at loom (v/o no-one's going to be dismissed) pan out to show others round table talking. Manager says any redundancies depends on personal efficiency but worker says it should be last in first out.
Manager walking round mill shop

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