Film: 5601

Industry + Work | 1950 | Sound | B/W


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The industry of iron ore production in Canada in the 1950's.

View of rough Canadian landscape. Two men are taking samples of the rock. They examine and record the samples. They are prospecting. Men working in a remote office-like building near a river. This is a laboratory. Samples of rock are closely examined. Views of the territory. Birds-eye view of a large city. A group of men in a class/conference setting. There is a map of New Quebec behind the speaker. They take notes. Seven Islands is pinpointed. Sea and Islands. A crane at the harbour. Lorries, tractors and equipment being unloaded by crane from a boat. A voice lists all the items needed for the project. Girders being fixed beside a fast flowing river. A tipper lorry tips rocks over a ledge into the river. It is a roadway or a bridge under construction. An aircraft lands. Men in a control room pass papers around. Men come into the office The aircraft is loaded with large cartons. Other aircraft arrive and are loaded. Work goes on at night. Forests and mountains viewed from an aircraft. A snowy landscape. Heavy machinery works in the snow. A whole shed type structure is moved in the snow and work goes on. View of ice floes in a river and men constructing a dam. Land is dynamited. Earth moving equipment in action. A railway line under construction. The men's canteen is seen. They are eating in their working clothes.

A harbour - ships unloading an aircraft view of a city. The headquarters of the Iron Ore Company of Canada. There is a board meeting. View of very wide river or the mouth of a river. More views of the railway under construction. Snow ploughs and heavy machinery transport all in the ice and snow. Snowscape, river thawing. Excavation work in progress. A train links up and moves on the recently constructed railway. It passes over the dam. Spectacular views from the driver's cab. It is a very long train viewed from the air. Hauled by three heavy locomotives. The train's progress is followed from an aircraft. It passes rivers and lakes over bridges and through tunnels. Views of ore moving trains and automated ore handing site. A large passenger ship and crowds of people. Important day of a launch. Other ships take iron ore to all parts of the world. - End.

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