Film: 5604

Medicine | 1980 | Sound | Colour


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Elderly people and support for old age pensioners in North London 1980's

An elderly black woman is out shopping (possibly Kingsland Road in Hackney, London). Back at home the woman sits in her front room and talks about her husbands illness and death. Wedding photo.
Ridley Road Market, Dalston, Hackney, London.
Close up of radio with the sound of gospel music. The woman exercises in the living room touching her toes etc and then lying on the floor she relaxes.
Close up of camera with 'Pensioners Press' newspapers. Close up of hands loading camera with 35mm film. The woman goes door to door visiting handing out the papers.
Taking photo of elderly people in a home. The pensioners talk about the benefit of health care. An elderly lady is weighed and another's blood pressure taken.
The woman visits market stalls selling fresh fruit and vegetables. A fish stall. Weighing apples.
A semi detached town house. A shot of a wheelchair closed up. An elderly man describes how he suddenly collapsed having had a stroke. The exercises on a cycling machine and talks about his disabilities after the stroke. He goes outside to his greenhouse and works. His wife speaks about his courage, depression and the support he needed. Looking through old photographs. He drives himself to a 'Stroke Group'. The group exercise together sitting in a circle with their physiotherapist. He fingers the saxophone which he can no longer play but has found another pastime - Toast Mastering. The couple dance together in their living room.
Elderly people in a swimming pool. View of woman on the balcony of a flat. Inside the woman talks to the camera about changes in her life. Budgies in a cage. She walks to a self-help group, meeting another lady struggling after a knee operation. The Barley Mow Health Clinic. The group role play - a GP scenario where the patients want to avoid being given drugs by their doctor. The group then visit a Swimming Pool. The five women walk out in their swimming costumes and slowly get down the steps into the pool where they splash one another and swim with the help of an Instructor.

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