Film: 5607

Social History | 1960 | Sound | B/W


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A Day in the life of a prison Gartree prison with an emphasis of rehabiltation with art workshops and metal work courses 1960's

Prison kitchen with potatoes being peeled and bread sliced in an industrial machine. Prisoners enter mess hall and receive their meals. Washing dishes. Panning exteriors of the prison buildings. Christian worship, prison chapel, outside work parties where grounds are maintained and digging in the yard. Prisoners in a sewing workshop, men sit at sewing machines in a large room. Searching prisoners. One prisoner has a budgie in a cage in his cell and he lets it out to fly around, before sitting to read a book on his bed. Men playing basketball in the prison sports hall. Exercising in the yard, kicking a football around. A chapel or church service in prison. More footage in the yard. Prisoners play snooker or pool and watching television. Two men play checkers board game. One man plays darts. Man smoking. Prisoners in the wash room, shaving. Guards on patrol with dogs and the prison at night.

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