Film: 5608

Feature Drama | 1950 | Sound | B/W


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Exciting Flash Gordon adventure 1950's

The planets of the galaxy line up on two sides of a debate, which basically boils down to for-or-against peace. Cold war sci-fi and similarities to the United Nations and non-attendance of the U.S.S.R. apparent. A vote is to be taken and the baddies decide to intercept Earth's delegate at planetoid Epsilon 30, so that he won't be able to vote. Model space rocket in sky. Flash Gordon and Dale Arden inside space ship. He walks around without his shirt. On planetoid criminals track space rocket and prepare to shoot at it. Man calls out readings - '9 minus 2'. A very bright light, or searchlight or 'ray of some kind' illuminates the ship. 'what's going on?' The set of the rocket cabin moves about a lot. Earth's delegate lies on floor of cabin and straps himself in. Dale and Flash struggle with controls. They near the atmosphere - 'Hang on!' shouts Flash Gordon. Model spaceship and planetoid or asteroid. On ground man tracks falling rocket with binoculars. Dale looks quite concerned. Shockingly bad special effect of rocket passing through clouds. Flash manages to control fall of rocket. He smiles at Dale, she smiles back. Three unsavoury types on ground look displeased that Flash has prevented a crash. Big baddy threatens little baddy. He grabs his overalls and hauls him close to his face and refers to his 'yellow streak'. The model rocket flying across the sky. Dale and third man in space ship both pointedly cross their fingers for good luck. Three people in spaceship are affected by G-force. Dull exchange between Dr. Zharkov back on earth and Professor on spaceship via radio. On space ship the three prepare for landing. Flash and professor lie down in their reclining chairs and remarkably short dress wearing Dale strolls off to the back of the cabin. Three hoodlums (who don't look like my idea of space age rogues) walk off to wear the spaceship will land with old fashioned rifles. They run past trees, the short one being tired and slowing the other two down - 'Come On' is shouted at him. Two bigger rogues bully small man.
Flash an professor collect hand guns. Flash lowers himself through door in floor of spaceship. Three astronauts on the ground at the feet of the space ship as three men start to fire guns at them. Flash covers other two as they escape. Flash flees as smoke reveals where missiles are landing in the grass around him. At Zharkov's a light on a bank of light flashes indicating an in-coming transmission. Zharkov winks to man off screen. Flash Gordon successfully overcomes rogues and has a classically bad fist fight with one of criminals.

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