Film: 5611

Canals + Waterways | 1970 | Sound | Colour


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A film about leisure time and holidays on canals and waterways in Britain 1970's

A couple of men standing at the entrance to a large building, filmed from steps leading up to the building. A man puts 2 suitcases in the boot of his car. Overhead view of cars driving on a quiet motorway. Side on view from inside a car of a man driving on the motorway. POV of the driver looking through the windscreen. He is overtaken by a mini open top wagon or jeep with four people, the wagon is towing a boat. The man in the car follows them. The two vehicles drive along a country lane. The jeep turns into a field and through a gate. The car stops beside the road and the man gets out, watching them from the rear of the car. The boat is unhitched from the tow bar. A small outboard motor is lifted out of the boat. The man from the car starts jogging across the field towards the jeep & boat. The four people from the jeep get in the boat and motor off down a canal, leaving the car driver staring after them from the canal bank. View of the rear of the boat as it moves along the canal.
Boats moored in a boat yard or marina. A man in a tie and rolled up shirt sleeves shows another man around the yard buildings, pointing out work going on to boats. A pleasure boat moored in the canal, many boats tied up to moorings. Families getting on and off boats. The interior of a canal cruiser, people get on board for their holiday. They unpack boxes of food and stock the fridge. A woman fills a kettle and puts it on the stove. A young boy sees how the shower works, pulling aside the shower curtain and turning the tap. Water coming out the shower head. Family exiting a shop carrying boxes of food to their moored cruiser. Man in an Arran jumper talks to the family. The family board their boat and the father shakes hands with the man they were chatting to. The boat “Waterway Princess” travels along the canal and under a hump backed bridge. Young girl lies on top of the boat, view of passing hedgerows, others boats on the waterway.
A staircase set of locks. Footage of pleasure crafts going through a series of locks. Children on the bank pushing open gates. Man turns a wheel to operate a lock. Pleasure craft rising in the lock as water fills it. Boat viewed from front as it continues along the waterway. Overhead view of boats along a waterway.
Boat goes under a bridge reaching a canal intersection, with many other boats moored. A woman sits on deck of a moving boat, man reaches out from the wheel house to offer he a bag of sweets, they smile. Boats of all shapes and sizes enjoying the waterway, a small boat, larger holiday cruisers, young boy rows a wooden dinghy with a dog onboard, large tourist canal cruise boat. Man uses a bicycle pump to siphon water out of the bottom of his low flat raft like vessel. A narrow boat moored. Boat moored in a village setting at dusk. Woman emerges from a boat to give mugs of tea to two men chatting. Kids asleep in their single cabin beds.
Man stands beside the Grand Union canal in Stoke Bruerne and looks up at the building beside him. Sign Waterways Museum. Man enters the museum doorway. Young boy viewing an exhibit. Man explores museum. Close ups of museum documents. Portraits of canal engineers, Brindley, Telford and Rennie. Title – Map of Canals. Close ups of text on canal plans showing Ellesmere Canal, Rochdale Canal, Trent & Mersey and Lancaster. Stills of canal scenes from 1800s. Map of canal networks. Stills of barges and industry along canals. Stills of images associated with the railways. Industrial scene, disused canalside factory viewed from under a bridge. Panning view of a canal and disused aqueduct with factories in the background. Pontcysyllte Aqueduct, Lllangollen. Anderton boat lift Northwich. High viewpoint over Birmingham city, camera zooms out to reveal canal. Canalside view in Birmingham as boat passes. James Brindley Walk Birmingham, a group of women stop by the railings and look over to the canal and a steam narrow boat. Three men and a dog ply the narrow boat along the canal. View from the deck of a bar overlooking the canal. People stand at the railings, drinks on tables, sun umbrella with Ansell Bitter printed on it. Two men walk over the bridge across the canal in a built up industrial part of the city. They swing around a lock gate and walk down some steps to the tow path, high rise buildings in the background including the BT tower and canalside factories. View along the canal with several locks. Row of boats moored in a city dock area. Horse drawn canal barge, horse is led along the tow path pulling a cargo barge through a city, industrialised area. Reflection of horse in the water. Pleasure boats, people sit on roof. A houseboat, man walks up to talk to the owner. Tourist excursion boat. A restored narrow boat, man and woman in front as it passes the camera. Colourfully painted, decorated narrow boats.
Wide waterway carrying large cargo barges. Sign British Waterways Board Sharpness Docks, a van drives past. Barge entering the dock. Shipping containers unloaded by crane. Western Point Docks, two men look out an office window. Man chats to people beside vessels in the docks. Man jumps onboard a barge at Hull Docks. View of boats going through lock. Close up of ship’s wheel being turned. Barges plough through choppy waterways. View of power station. Factory. Water cooling system for power station on the Trent. More unloading of heavy bulk cargo from boats in the docks.
Two fishermen leave a pebble dashed house, 2 pints of milk on the doorstep. Fishing kit loaded into the back of a van. Man sits on a wicker basket beside a canal fishing. View from opposite side of the canal. Close up of man reeling in line. Fisherman sits on bank. Row of fisherman under umbrellas along a canal. Closer view of a line of fisherman along a tow path. Fisherman reeling in line, view of marina in background. The boot of a coach is opened and fishing kit unloaded. A fishing club outing, man in charge throws tickets in the air, the fishermen pick them up from the ground one by one. Fishermen laden down with gear walk to the canal and under a bridge. Competition or match fishing. Men fishing along the bank of the canal. Man in striped jumper with umbrella, fishes. Young boy fishes. A woman with cat’s eye glasses fishing. More people lined up fishing. Man checks his wrist watch and blow a whistle. The catches are weighed on scales and a log written down. Fisherman head to the pub. Inside the pub, a fish mounted in a glass case hangs on the wall. People sit and chat and enjoy a drink. Close up of a bottle of beer poured into a pint mug. A machine operator in a factory, he turns off the machine. Workers leaving a building. Canal. A man fishes after work with industrial buildings in the background. View of an industrial town, man fishes in a canal in the foreground.
Man seated at office desk talking on telephone, as viewed through doorway. Another man talking on the phone with equipment behind him with dials and monitors. Back to the man at his desk, a close up of him nodding on the phone. Water flowing over a weir. Hurleston Reservoir and water treatment plant in Cheshire. Man tests water in a test tube, view of the reservoir beyond his window. Glass beakers of water for testing. Water treatment beds next to the canal.
Pleasure boat heading along canal. High view over a reservoir. Cars parked beside a reservoir, woman folds a blanket in the foreground, sail boats in the distance on the water. Man fishes from the banks of a reservoir. Sailing on Rudyard Lake in Staffordshire. Man wearing a life jacket walks along the shoreline talking to another man. Yachts get ready for sailing in the background. Sailing on the lake. Boy paddles a canoe on the lake. Man puts a canoe in a canal. Group of children canoeing along a canal.
Man stands in front of notice board of City of Westminster, Canal Side Walk, Regent’s Canal London. Man walks away from sign. Boat from driver’d POV travels under a bridge and along the built Regent’s Canal. Passenger boat full of children journeys along the canal. A man waves to the kids from the bank. The boat arrives at London Zoo, deer can be seen in cages that line the canal bank.
Young man stands on a bridge overlooking a small narrow canal. He walks alongside the canal to talk to lock keeper. Close up of a winding wheel to operate the lock. Boat passes through lock. Man pulls gate closed. Man boards a pleasure craft, view of closed lock gates. Man stands at the helm. Lock gates open and boat proceeds.
Brief clip of horse riding along a canal, water flowing, cows drinks from a waterway, duck with ducklings in the water. Trees, dapplied sunlight. A swan. A canal boat passes by the camera as a man walks along the tow path.

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